Lords of the Fallen: How to Emote and Communicate with Other Players?



To communicate with online players in Lords of the Fallen, you can use the Gestures. Find the best ways to emote with friends and ways to unlock new Gestures.

Lords of the Fallen, the fantasy RPG is out. Lords of the Fallen sequel has unique features and new mechanics. Players can invite a friend to their lobby and complete missions together. The two parallel worlds, vestiges, skills and weapons are major features of the game. Players can communicate with others while on a mission. This can be done with the new feature called ‘Gestures’.

To emote with players, you can utilize the Gesture tab from the inventory in Lords of the Fallen in-game settings. There are many types of Gestures in the game. You will automatically get some Gestures for your classes after completing the tutorial. While other Gestures can be unlocked by completing quests and speaking to NPCs. Here’s all about the Lords of the Fallen Gestures and ways to unlock them.

Lords of the Fallen Communicate with Gestures

To communicate with your partners in Lords of the Fallen, you can utilize the Gestures. As there’s no chat feature, the only way to emote is through Gestures. Here is how you can unlock all Gestures and communicate with friends in Lords of the Fallen,

All Gestures in LotF

Lords of the Fallen communicate
Npc in LotF
  • Laughter – This gesture is is an expression of happiness. It’s an expression of joy and amusement. Once you kill the Hushed Saint, make sure to not cleanse any Beacon. Slay the secondary boss, Crimson Rector Percival and then travel to Fitzroy’s Gorge cliffside. Here, you have to meet Damarose the Marked near the Shrine of Adyr statue and collect the Laugher gesture.
  • Halting – This Gesture is important and you can use it to alert your friend. Whenever there’s a dangerous creature, enemy or traps, you can show this to your partner and ask them to stop proceeding. To get this, you have to travel to the point of interest  Umbral Flowerbed and reach the ledge in ravine. From here, you have to discover a big house in Fief of the Chill Curse. The Halting gesture spawns on a road’s blockage.
  • Agreeing – To give a nod, you can use this gesture. This will be a starting Gesture for all classes in the game
  • Beckoning – Use this gesture to alert players and ask them to come closer. Speak to the NPC, Thehk-Ihir, in Forsaken Fen to unlock this gesture
  • Bemoaning – This is a sad Gesture and used to express your pain. Speak to Byron in Sunless Skein to receive this emote
  • Calrath Noble’s Bow – Use this gesture to show your respect towards others. A mark of respect that’s shown towards the Upper Calrath nobility. Speak to the merchant Tortured Prisoner in Skyrest Bridge after freeing her from enemies near the Pieta’s Boss Arena. She will reward you the gesture 
  • Celebration – This is used to celebrate your victory. A sign of Triumph and it is unlocked by speaking to Winterberry in Revelation Depths
  • Hallowed Sentinel Prayer – Use this gesture to request protection and guidance from the Cleric. Travel to Abbey of the Hallowed Sisters and Soulflay the Stigma and you can get this from the foot of an ancient tree
  • Common Orian Prayer  – A prayer that’s done by followers of Orius across the world to show the ove towards their leader. You can find this in Pilgrim’s Perch closer to an Umbral Flowerbed.
  • Wheezing – Whenever you are tired or down without energy, use this Gesture to indicate you are exhausted. Travel to the Vestige of Lydia the Numb Witch in Lower Calrath and find the room with a dining table. Get inside and go towards the room on your left. Here, you can find the NPC Dustan with a helmet. Speak to him and get this emote
  • Crimson Ritual Fervour – This is a fervent gesture towards the Adyr and Crimson Ritual. Travel to Fitzroy’s Gorge and find the Shrine of Adyr altar. An interaction with the statue will get you this gesture
  •  Putrid Mothers’ Embrace – This is a ritualistic gesture indicating the worship of the Putrid Mother. Travel to the Shrine of the Putrid Mother statue in Umbral Realm to collect this gesture
  • Disagreeing – This Gesture is to show your disapproval and it comes as a starting emote for all classes
  • Orian Vow of Protection – A promise to protect Orian faith and its followers. Travel to Skyrest Bridge and find the Shrine of Orius near Nathaniel. Interact with the Shrine to receive this gesture
  • Surrender – This gesture is to acknowledge your defeat. Whenever you are vulnerable, you can use this. Complete The Iron Wayfarer’s questline to earn this
  • Pledge to Adyr – This Gesture is to show your devotion towards Adyr. A pledge of devotion to Adyr that’s available near a Catapult and Large tree in Upper Calrath. So, acquire this gesture after landing in this area
  • Pointing – Pointing Gesture is used to indicate a threat or traps or other things in any direction. Use this to indicate anything below, above or forward in your location. You can use it to guide someone towards a direction. Pointing Gestures are available by default for all classes as a starting emote
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These are primary Gestures in Lords of the Fallen that you can use to emote and communicate. With more updates, there will be new gestures as well. There’s no in-game communication feature, so you can utilize this gesture feature.


Which Stat is essential in Lords of the Fallen?

Every stat in Lords of the Fallen provides bonus effects. But, strength is vital and increases your physical attacks. You can upgrade all stats by spending some Vigors at vestiges. Stats power up your characters and their skills.

How to Get Boss Equipment in Lords of the Fallen?

To get boss-type weapons in Lords of the Fallen, you have to collect Umbral Scouring and return these quest items to the NPC called Molhu

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