This LoL Jungle Tier List Will Make You a Ranked MONSTER! (March 2024)


The LoL Jungle Tier List is here to help you get those sweet victories and make you the champion that you are.

League of Legends is one of the biggest games around the world and its popularity keeps on rising as the days go on. The game has changed over time and there is a long list of characters to choose from. The META has changed and players appreciate the balance and tweaks that the developers make over time. It is one of the most watched and streamed games of all time. This LoL Jungle Tier List shares the best heroes in the game and their most effective playstyle.

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LoL Jungle Tier List Breakdown

The picture attached below categorizes all fighters in the game and the explanation for why these characters are on their respective tier is followed.

Courtesy to Tiermaker for helping me make this list.

LoL Jungle Tier List
Lol Jungle Tier List

LoL Jungle Tier List- S Class

These heroes are the most effective in the game with obvious advantages over other heroes. Utilize them effectively with care and you can easily earn those victories.

LeeSin 0
Lee Sin in LOL
S Class Character NameAbility
Lee SinCrowd Control, Damage and Mobility
Master YiHigh Attack Speed
ViegoDamage Scaling
BriarStrong follow up attacks and damage

LoL Jungle Tier List Breakdown – A Class

These heroes can be considered top tier except for some fine flaws in their gameplay. They are very effective and can easily be considered as some of the best in the game.

Volibear 0
Volibear in LOL
A Class CharacterAbility
VolibearStrong Duelist
KaynFlexible in various situations
NocturneGreat Ultimate
ZacCrowd Control Specialist
AmumuTank, Crowd Control
ShacoSilent trapper
WarwickGreat damage and Life steal

LoL Jungle Tier List Breakdown – B Class

The cracks start to show with these characters as you can clearly see some disadvantages while using these characters but they still have some redeeming factors.

Khazix 0
Kha’Zix in LOL
B Class CharacterAbility
Kha’ZixAdaptable in various situations
JaxDamage, Mobility, Crowd Control
Jarvan IVGreat counter and crowd control
MaokaiTank with great health and crowd control
BrandHigh damage Mage
RammusGreat counters and tank with crowd control
DianaGreat Mobility and damage
GravesStrong early game character
NidaleeAdaptable in certail situations
ViGreat counters and crowd control

LoL Jungle Tier List Breakdown – C Class

I mean you can consider them fodder characters as they can be very situational and not super effective at pushing or winning fights.

Gragas 0
Gragas in LOL
C Class CharacterBest Ability
GragasStrong early game
Xin ZhaoPowerful counters and crowd control
HecarimGreat mobility and Tanky hero
EvelynnStealthy and effective
Rek’SaiGreat for pushes and very versatile
PoppyTank with crowd control but mana draining
UdyrStrong early game

LoL Jungle Tier List Breakdown – D Class

These characters make the others look great for a reason and there is no redeeming these heroes unless and until you want to lose games effectively.

Karthus 0
Karthus in LOL
D Class CharacterBest Ability
KarthusMage with great da”Mage” (Sorry, had to)
ElisePushes and versatile
RengarGood at Bursts
TeemoGood damage and Range
TryndamereGood Pushes but not great with teammates

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What platform is League of Legends available on?

League of Legends is available on Microsoft Windows and macOS.

What genre is League of Legends?

League of Legends is an multiplayer battle arena.

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