Lewis Hamilton and Shakira were allegedly seen on a second date

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Pop star Shakira is back on the dating scene and hunting for possible suitors following a difficult and messy separation from her ex-Gerard Pique. Additionally, the Miami F1 Grand Prix proved to be a rather successful event for the Colombian singer, as she was spotted allegedly going on a second date with Lewis Hamilton, a seven-time Formula 1 champion. The singer’s week has reportedly been incredibly busy while rejecting Tom Cruise.

The city of Miami has been nothing but hospitable to the Hips Don’t Lie, singer, since she moved there to start over and leave her children and the painful memories of her past behind. The news of her performance at the Grand Prix has now demonstrated how wise the decision was.

This year’s Miami Grand Prix isn’t just about the Formula 1 race cars; the pair that met there also has no intention of taking things slowly. Shakira and Lewis Hamilton, the most surprising coupling of the year, are said to have met the race car driver on May 8.

Why wouldn’t Tom Cruise date Shakira, will Lewis Hamilton?

However, since then, additional news has emerged that has startled the supporters even more. The purported lovers were seen boarding a yacht to hang out with a group of buddies. Many made assumptions about their relationship as a result of this.

Lewis Hamilton and Shakira were allegedly seen on a second date
Lewis Hamilton and Shakira were allegedly seen on a second date

Shakira, the iconic singer, was spotted with other people at the Grand Prix besides Lewis Hamilton. The singer was also seen chatting with Tom Cruise, which caused many fans to think that a relationship between the two may be developing. She was afterward spotted hanging out with the race car driver, much to their dismay.

However, Us Weekly received a statement from a source stating, “Shakira had a great time hanging out with Tom at F1 but she has no interest in dating him.

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