LeBron James Vs Michael Jordan – Who is the Greatest Player of All Time?


LeBron James and Michael Jordan both deserve the title “Greatest Of All-Time”, thanks to incredible career stats and dominating performance during playoffs.

These players each possess their own distinct games and styles, but who is the greatest of all time? provides the best odds for such comparisons.

Comparing Jordan and James requires taking into account many variables. In this article we’ll look at factors like career averages, games played, championships won and more to help make an informed decision.

Who is the greatest player of all time?

Many consider Michael Jordan the greatest player ever, but LeBron James can certainly make his case as well. He won more championships than Jordan and boasts other impressive statistics as well.

James has also proven more durable than Jordan was; having played four more seasons and still performing at an elite level. Additionally, James stands as one of the greatest complete players ever seen in NBA history.

Jordan was known for scoring, while James is more balanced as he can help his team by grabbing rebounds and passing the ball. James has won more playoff series than Jordan as well as being an outstanding defender – twice winning Finals MVP status with numerous other awards and honors throughout his career.

Which player has the better game?

The debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James as to who is the better player has become an unrelenting cultural divide that pervades everything from family dinners to NBA championships. While both players can be incredible scorers who can dominate games, James holds an edge in defense due to his size and playmaking capabilities; 25-30 pounds heavier, two inches taller and boasting a longer wingspan than Jordan makes him more physically present on the court; additionally he’s more skilled passer who reads game situations more efficiently, keeping his team involved both ends of the court.

When it comes to comparing two players, it is essential to take their entire careers and accolades into account. Below we have provided a comparison between their career highlights – such as NBA Championships won, seasons played and playoff appearances plus statistical data such as points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks.

Which player has the better stats?

Stats play an essential part in comparing Jordan and James careers, and statistics provide a useful lens through which to do so. Both players have earned numerous accolades over their respective careers and hold various NBA records; Jordan earned Defensive Player of the Year honors in 1988 while holding six championships compared with four by LeBron; in terms of points per game Jordan currently leads LeBron. But LeBron could make up the difference before his career is through.

Both players are widely considered some of the greatest three-point shooters ever and excel at passing to teammates. Advanced stats like VORP and Win Shares lean more heavily towards James while Jordan holds an edge with regards to PER and Box Plus/Minus ratings. Furthermore, Jordan spent nearly his entire career with Chicago Bulls while many fans have criticized LeBron for frequently switching teams – further fuelling debate as to who is superior player.

Which player has played for more clubs?

LeBron James and Michael Jordan have long been recognized as two of the greatest figures in basketball history. Both players have accomplished incredible feats during their careers and possess different styles of play; James preferring team play while Jordan more of an individualist approach. James has proven successful leading his teams Cleveland Cavaliers and LA Lakers to multiple NBA championships.

Mr. Bryan has an outstanding NBA Finals track record, reaching and winning four series out of ten appearances in that tier. Many times his teams were underdogs in these series against more stacked opponents – something they managed to accomplish thanks to Mr. Bryan’s leadership and dedication.

Jordan excelled at clutch scoring, often producing game-winning shots late in games. Additionally, he is widely considered one of the greatest defensive players ever seen in an NBA season.

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