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LeBron James diet: Here is all you need to know about The King's diet 4

NBA player Lebron James is well-known for his role as a small/power forward for the Los Angeles Lakers. There is no denying that Lebron’s career has been the one to watch; he is unquestionably on par with Kobe and Michael Jordan.

The pressure to keep playing at that level and maintain your physique becomes way too great, but a beast like Lebron James can handle it no problem. Lebron is the best when it comes to eating like a beast and exercising like one. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Lebron James’ diet and the foods he consumes, keep reading.

Height6 ft 8 inch
Weight113 kg
Age37 years
Chest46 inch
Waist36 inch
Biceps17 inch

Lebron James Diet Plan

Lebron James, the G.O.A.T., is a beast when he works out; if you haven’t seen his routine, you should first look at the workout routine to get a sense of how serious Lebron gets about staying healthy and in top shape. Anyone will look for a diet that can replenish the calories they have burned after such a strenuous workout. So let’s see how he maintains his diet and gains back his energy.

leBron Dunk
LeBron James diet: Here is all you need to know about The King's diet 5

Lebron James’ diet consists of:

After looking up Lebron James’ diet, I came across an article in Men’s Health that detailed his eating habits and workout routine. It’s not like it’s a secret; if you follow Lebron James on Instagram, you probably have seen a lot of his stories and posts showcasing his diet and exercise regimen.

Lebron James Weight Loss Diet

However, LeBron diets have different stages, such as pre-game warm-ups, the post-season, and so on. For example, I’m sure we can all recall how many memes were made about how slim LeBron James’ body became after losing weight. LeBron James eventually shared a diet meme, and he was open about what he was eating to lose weight.

Lebron claimed that for 67 days straight, he avoided eating any type of sugar, dairy, or carbs and instead concentrated on eating a variety of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits throughout the day. James shared his two favourite meals at that time, which were:

Salad of lobster, asparagus, and mango chutney.
Chicken, nuts, and fruits are added to an arugula salad with lemon vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil.

Lebron James Training Diet

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LeBron James diet: Here is all you need to know about The King's diet 6

When LeBron James is training, his diet changes. When James is playing a lot of games and practising a lot, his diet contains a lot of carbohydrates.

James also admitted that he consumes a lot of carbohydrates before competitions because running for 50 to 60 minutes straight burns a lot of calories. He said he usually eats chicken breast and pasta or salad and nuts before games. Before the game, LeBron drinks a protein shake and eats some fruits.

Later, LeBron revealed that he was modelling his diet after that of swimmer Michael Phelps, who is known for overeating while training. James mentioned that he couldn’t do that before the game, so he waits until it’s over before eating as much as he wants. The meals include, among other things, eggs, pancakes, vegetables, oats, chicken, and rice. The majority of the foods contain a lot of carbohydrates.

Lebron James Cheat Meal

Lebron James prefers to order a pizza from his Blaze Pizza chain, while Lebron prefers to consume a lot of wine. On cheat days, Lebron indulged, but James almost always drinks wine.


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