Kyle Busch won the WWE 24/7 title from R-Truth but lost it later to the same star on Raw

The WWE 24/7 title might not see a lot of long fights, but it has seen several different holders of the crown.

R-Truth has held the title for the most number of days and has also won it a crazy 24 times already. Truth has held the crown for 100+ days but there have been some non-WWE people to win the crown too.

R-Truth and Kyle Busch WWE 24/7 championship
Kyle Bush won the WWE 24/7 championship from R-Truth on Raw (Image credit: WWE)

DJ Marshmello, NBA star Enes Kanter and former WWE star Candice Michelle have also won the crown.

Nascar star Kyle Busch was the latest to pick up the title, with some help from another star from the racing series, Michael Waltrip.

Truth was seen around the ring with Busch and celebrated with the 2019 Nascar champion and Waltrip. He had been chased by some stars as they wanted to win the title but hid with the help of the racers.

The WWE star went for a hug but Waltrip declined that. The 56-year-old might not race in Nascar anymore, but he took off his jacket to reveal he was wearing a referee鈥檚 shirt.

Busch rolled over Truth to win the title and ran away celebrating. However, that didn鈥檛 continue for long.

R-Truth reclaims title

The WWE star has been incredible with his reign of the 24/7 title and reclaimed his crown before the end of the show.

Waltrip and Busch were celebrating and decided to upload it on social media, but Truth came over and pinned the Nascar champ for the title.

Busch was left in a state of shock, but this is how things have been with regards to the 24/7 title.

This championship might not be the most serious to hold, but it has provided some fun segments in recent months.

Kyle Busch
Kyle Busch is a two-time Nascar champion (Image credit: Getty)

Carmella also held the title for a bit but the real jokes have come during Drake Maverick鈥檚 run as the champion.

He has six reigns, the second-highest after Truth, and held the title for more than 22 days.

It will be interesting to see who the next holder of the title is and it wouldn鈥檛 be a surprise if Truth regains the title after some hours.

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