The WWE has some of the most vocal fans in all of sports entertainment.

Fans flock arenas to watch their favourite WWE superstars in action, and they are also a part of the show.

The crowd boo or cheer the WWE stars, and often do more than that. There have been instances of the fans getting into the act and shouting something great which even the wrestlers appreciate.

Kurt Angle
Kurt Angle signs an autograph during a meet and greet event (Image credit: WWE)

For example, when the Rock comes out in the ring, all the fans shout along to his “Finally….” salutation.

Another example is from Fandango’s time in the WWE and how the crowd would sing along his entrance theme.

The WWE has had several chants throughout the years and here are the top 5:

#5 Kurt Angle You Suck

This has got to be one of the most hilarious chants ever as the fans ripped into the Olympic gold medal winner.

Edge was one of the first to use this when addressing Kurt Angle, especially when the former Olympian would come out to his theme.

Kurt Angle You Suck has even outgrown the wrestler, as the chant is still used by the fans to hit out at any star that they don’t like.

#4 Daniel Bryan Yes!/No!

Daniel Bryan is one of the best wrestlers ever to have graced the wrestling business.

His story of winning the title at WrestleMania will remain in memory for a long time, however, his Yes/No chant has been taken up by the fans too.

The WWE crowd shouts “Yes” when Bryan is delivering his kicks, and it he often used to say “No” to suggestions too, especially when he was partnered with Kane.

The supporters continue using this whenever someone is on the mike, and it often gets the crowd into a frenzied state.

#3 This is awesome!

This chant isn’t directed at one particular wrestler but the crowd often use this to highlight how great a match is.

The WWE Universe is never shy of sharing their disappointment with an aspect of a show, but they will also back wrestlers that are putting on a great fight or a great move.

#2 Ric Flair Wooooo!

The Nature Boy Ric Flair is a legend in the WWE business having held the top title a record 25 times.

The wrestler might have retired but his iconic “Wooooooo” chant has been taken up by the fans extremely well.

Flair would rile up the fans and the opponent by shouting “Woooo” but the WWE crowd often do the same when a wrestler performs a really hard chest chop.

Of course, the fans shout any time Flair makes an appearance in the WWE like he did at Crown Jewel.

#1 Stone Cold Steve Austin What?

Possibly the greatest chant to have come out of the WWE, Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the greatest ever to have wrestled, and his “What” response to his opposition is still being used to this day.

Stone Cold Steve Austin
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a legend in the wrestling business (Image credit: WWE)

Should the WWE crowd be unhappy with a speech from a wrestler, they will constantly shout out “What” and share their displeasure.

It isn’t the longest or the most complexreaction from the fans, but this simple, one-word chant, is still incredible to hear in a packed stadium.

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