Kofi Kingston Talks Lack of Rematch With Brock Lesnar


Kofi Kingston
Kofi Kingston Talks Lack of Rematch With Brock Lesnar 2

WWE Superstar Kofi Kingston recently appeared on the ‘After The Bell’ podcast with host Corey Graves. The former WWE Champion discussed his title reign and the fact that he never received a rematch for the belt after losing it on the debut episode of WWE SmackDown on FOX.

“Wasn’t Up To Me” – Kingston

“It wasn’t up to me but I have said this on a few different interviews, it kind of is what it is. You show up to work and find out what you are doing and you kind of do it, so, this is weird too. A lot of people will be on my social media and saying, ‘Well, Kofi, you are out there and you are acting like you don’t care. Did you forget that you were the world champion?’ I’m like, well, look, you are asking my on-screen character to be angry as if it’s my real character. I think it’s one of those things where it kind of is what it is,” stated Kingston.

“I am a good guy”

Kingston elaborated further, saying “in reality, I am on screen, I am a good guy. I lost in eight seconds, so as far as making a case for a rematch what would my character have to say? Give me another shot Brock, I lost in eight seconds but I’ll get you next time! You’re asking my real-life character to take on this anger and be mad with the way it happened on-screen, but for me personally, I have always approached this business as somebody who is always trying to move forward. You can’t dwell on one day. There have been a lot of days where they have been negative for a lack of a better term but if you dwell on those you are miserable and you don’t want to come to work, but I’m just trying to push forward.”

*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription