Key tips and tactics to help you improve your Fortnite game


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Fortnite is one of the best projects in the battle royale genre, which allows players to fight among themselves and survive in the territory where they will have to find equipment and weapons for fighting and get a due to long-term survival and killing enemies and counting, including and at the expense of the place that you managed to occupy.

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The same tactical advice applies to Fortnite as to other projects in the battle royale genre.

There are three types of selection points:

  1. These are small houses and points for receiving drops – they are safe from the point of view of a mass landing of enemies, but the number of weapons here is minimal and such buildings are usually located far along the edges of the map, which makes it difficult to move around the map to a safe zone, when the battle zone actions will decrease.
  1. Locations with a couple of houses are the best format for the starting zone, because in it you will never have much competition and at the same time you can collect full-fledged starting equipment from weapons, equipment, grenades and medicines and go to the point of the first reduction game card.
  1. Large cities are the most dangerous and adventurous territories, where there is a lot of equipment and a large number of players often land there who want to compete with each other, shoot and destroy as many opponents as possible, or immediately die and go to a new match to try to get boosting in Fortnite. Beginners should not go there, because they will often die, not understanding where to get weapons and where it is better to hide from shelling.


In Fortnite, you will find different types of weapons and types of quality – legendary, epic and others, which are indicated by their frames and have different damage and rate of fire depending on their quality.

In the future, you will quickly understand weapons and immediately select only what will really help you in battle.

Look for assault rifles and sniper rifles, and get rid of pistols and shotguns at the first opportunity due to limited attack radius and distance. Automatic weapons fire quickly, but are also not as effective.

An assault and sniper rifle of legendary quality is the most optimal tool for your gameplay.


Fortnite has construction mechanics that allow you to accumulate special resources and use them in battles to build defensive structures of varying densities.

You can collect wood, metal and stone and use them to build yourself a shelter.

Experienced players manage to build a shelter and at the same time fight, which is interesting to watch when two professionals meet and instantly build a shelter, restore destroyed parts, shoot at the enemy and throw grenades at each other.

Naturally, wood will be a softer and quickly destroyed cover, while stone and metal will withstand more damage.

You need to always have supplies of fortifications in order to dig in even in an open field and increase your chances of survival and continuation of cheap rank boost in Fortnite.

Game Zone

At the beginning of the landing, the entire game map will be available to you for conducting battles, but later, it will begin to be marked with a special zone, which will begin to gradually narrow.

This is necessary in order to indicate to the players the final point at which the battle will take place, and at the same time force them to fight among themselves, and not sit in shelters, avoiding the chance of being killed.

The first circle will be large and will indicate the general part of the map to which it will narrow, and it will be good if you not only get to its limits so as not to lose health, but also get to its central part so that you have a chance of ending up in the right place even after the second map reduction. If this is not possible, then take positions on the outskirts and monitor the situation on the game map.

Gradually, the zone will decrease to a small area, where the remaining players will decide among themselves who will become top 1 in the current match and take more rewards and rank boosting in Fortnite.

Team play

Such projects are much more interesting to play in a team, where, in addition to your squad, there will also be similar squads of enemies and thereby open up new opportunities for tactical actions and plans.

You will be able to conduct joint assaults, organize retreats, throw grenades at the enemy and suppress them with fire.

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Battle Pass and Events

Epic Games often organizes a battle pass in Fortnite, which allows you to complete tasks and accumulate levels that allow you to receive new cosmetic rewards and nice improvements for your hero, while offering you a large number of activities that will fill your gameplay.

They are usually released at the start of the season, or during important events for the game, or the world, as well as seasonal holidays like Christmas or Halloween.

You can also receive Vbucks as rewards, which can be used to exchange for cosmetic items and other nice improvements for your hero and giving him a unique look.

From time to time, Epic Games organizes concerts, collaborating with stars, or adding new models in collaboration with global development studios.

Concerts are a show that all interested players can attend, and a model of the musician will be added, and the event will be accompanied by awards and vbucks.

Thus, Emminem and Drake have already participated in the show, and Lady Gaga will also take part in the event soon.

This is how Eran and Mikasa, Herald and Yennifer, Cyberpunk heroes and other heroes appeared in the game, which can be bought and received from the events to which they are dedicated.

All such events do a good job of prolonging interest in Fortnite itself and boosting rank, when players constantly have some kind of challenges and incentives for the game and regularly do something new and open up new opportunities and gameplay, which also often bring new cards that radically change balance of power and game plans.

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