Kevin Durant gets inducted into University of Texas Hall of Honor class 2022


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Kevin Durant with the Hall Of Honor Class 2022

Kevin Durant is the two-time NBA champion and head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. He is coming off a disappointing season in which his team was eliminated in the first round of the NBA playoffs by Jayson Tatum and the Boston Celtics. They were also swept and lost the series 4-0.

As a result, as expected, KD was dissatisfied with his team, and trade rumours kept us entertained this offseason. Durant has now made headlines for a much more positive reason. He was inducted into his college’s hall of fame. Some of us who are familiar with KD’s story are aware that he only played one year of college basketball. But he is devoted to the University of Texas.

Wanda Durant attended Kevin Durant’s special day

Durant is single. Wanda, his mother, is one of the most important women in his life. Many people would be surprised to learn that KD came from a poor family and endured a lot of hardship. His family’s financial situation significantly improved after he became an NBA superstar. Despite this, he was just an average athlete in college.

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Mama knows best: Wanda Durant praises the person Kevin Durant is off the court (

They say that once a person becomes famous or popular, it is difficult to tell who their true friends are. As a result, many people, including Durant, are clinging to the bonds they had before “making it.”

This was an excellent induction. For the occasion, the Nets star was even given an honorary sachet. He also had his shoes retired after signing them. In addition, his team USA basketball jersey was retired. We’re sure Kevin was overjoyed to see his mother show up on this special day for him. During his 2014 NBA Finals MVP speech, he revealed to the world how much she meant to him.

Durant was also surrounded by his closest friends and family members. As a result, this was an opportunity to see him in his best mood in a long time. Because he was in his hometown, there was little media intrusion and he was free to be himself.

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Kevin Durant gets inducted into University of Texas Hall of Honor class 2022 4

We know KD will want to make his college proud once more by leading the Brooklyn Nets to an NBA championship this season.