Kansas City Chiefs Team Up with MGM Casino as Official Partners


The Kansas City Chiefs have had a reasonably successful NFL season so far and it is only looking to get better as they’ve recently announced a partnership with MGM Casino. This relationship will see them team up with the iGaming operator for a partnership that will last multiple years as they become the team’s first sports betting partners.

MGM Casino is a large organization with several different branches. They work mainly within the gaming sector, but also run a separate division known as BetMGM which works with online sportsbooks and online betting. 

Why the Sudden Partnership? 

Many states have now made it possible for fans of different sports to place bets using online sportsbooks and betting sites. The separate division, BetMGM has decided to try and capitalize on this within the state of Kansas before the website is officially launched.

It makes sense for them to do this given they are already a respected name within the world of sports betting. Not to mention the company has several different casino games that revolve around sports. We’d recommend you  here and view their selection of hockey, baseball, and football. 

Why Kansas? 

With all of the different teams in the NFL and with many states making it so fans can place bets on sports, why have MGM Chosen Kansas? Well, Kansas has a rich history that you can look at here.

Matt Prevost, the Chief Revenue Officer of BetMGM said that having such a full history and also a passionate fanbase means that Kansas is the perfect partner.

Not to mention, Kansas is one of the states BetMGM is focused on when it comes to launching new websites, so to reach out to sports fans through one of the most popular teams in the state makes sense. 

What Does the Agreement Mean? 

As per the terms of the agreement, BetMGM is going to have signage placed around the Kansas City Chiefs’ home stadium, GEHA Field at Arrowhead.

There is also going to be content for the iGaming platform featured across the digital channels that the Kansas City Chiefs have to offer (some of which can be found here). 

This is hardly a shocking move, given the Chiefs have been advocating for sports wagering in the state for some time. Welcoming such a massive player in the industry makes sense.

When asked, the Chief’s President, Mark Donovan, said that he was excited about the announcement and was looking forward to fans getting an even better experience when they come out to watch a game. 

Sports Wagering in Kansas 

Several states have begun allowing sports wagering and given the advocation of this from Kansas, it is hardly a surprise that they have welcomed the news. Not only that, but the Chiefs have also confirmed they are entering into an agreement with the popular website MGM Casino and are taking them on as an official partner.

This will make sports wagering easier for fans to access and information surrounding the brand will be all over the Arrowhead Stadium where the Chiefs play. Both organizations seem excited by this decision as they introduce new ways for fans to get immersed in the game.