Kacy Catanzaro and Ricochet break up: Have the WWE pair broken up in real life?


Find out everything you need to know about the break up of the WWE couple Kacy Catanzaro and Ricochet

WWE stars Kacy Catanzaro and Ricochet were dating each other for several years. The lack of activity from them as a couple online makes it clear that the two have had a break up. While many think about keeping their lives private to themselves, Ricochet stands on the opposite lane. He has always been open about his relationships too. However, from what it seems, Ricochet has found a new partner.

The speculations regarding the break up of Ricochet and Catanzaro were brought up after the WWE star posted a picture of himself with a different woman. Her new girlfriend seems to be Samantha Irvin, who is a WWE announcer majorly working with the NXT Brand.

While posting the picture with his partner, Ricochet failed to tag her. However, Irvin posted the picture posted by Ricochet on Instagram, on her Twitter as well which gave away her identity. Have a look:

As noted earlier, Irvin is not a WWE performer, instead she is an announcer for the company. Moreover, she works on NXT. Which mean that she will be working alongside Ricochet’s long time ex-girlfriend Catanzaro. This can certainly make the things awkward between the two.

Ricochet and Kacy Catanzaro
Ricochet and Kacy Catanzaro (Ringside News)

While it seems for certain that the former United States Champion and Catanzaro have broken up, the reason behind it is yet to be known. Neither Ricochet nor his former partner have opened up about their split as of now. However, considering the fact that Ricochet is quite open about his personal life, we should get an update sooner or later about their situation.

More about Ricochet’s new partner Samantha Irvin

Apart from being an announcer in the WWE, Irvin is also a musician. While she is not the first female musician to have landed an announcer role in the WWE, she certainly stands above the rest. Irvin was a contestant in the 2015 edition of America’s Got Talent and made it as far as the semi-finals.

Irvin entered the America’s Got Talent under her real name ‘Samantha Johnson’. Even though she fell just short of making it to the finals, she walked away from that competition as one of the best contestants to have entered the show that year.

Samantha Irvin
Samantha Irvin (Ewrestling)

This was not the only time Irvin appeared in a major talent show. She also tried out for the American Idol on multiple occasions. However, she wasn’t able to go very far in that competition.

The WWE announcer was also a flutist on the FOX TV show ‘I Can See Your Voice.’ She left her role after getting an offer from the WWE. Irvin has always been intrigued by performing arts and music and it has reflected in her life so far.

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