Jordan Myles was unhappy with a T-Shirt that WWE designed

Jordan Myles’ time on NXT has come to an end after the 31-year-old shared an expletive message on Twitter.

The former ROH and Impact Wrestling star joined WWE and NXT in 2019. Myles pushed on in the promotion and even lost an NXT Championship match against Adam Cole recently.

Jordan Myles WWE
Jordan Myles was one of the brightest talents on NXT (Image credit: WWE)

However, there has been some controversy regarding his merchandise. WWE produced a shirt which featured Myles smiling, as he is always smiling in the ring, but the wrestler claimed the logo had racist tones.

ACH, as he wants to be called now, posted an expletive-filled message on Twitter and shared another tweet which used Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z to highlight how upset and angry he was.

Myles recently stated that he didn’t like his initial reaction to the T-Shirt controversy, however, he would not take back his words.

The former WWE star also hit out at the state of the wrestling business and wanted to highlight the current situation regarding African American performers.

Jordan Myles shirt controversy

The entire issue started out with a Jordan Myles shirt which featured his smile as a logo.

Myles posted an image of the merchandise in question and even had a go at Triple H and Vince McMahon.

The 31-year-old continued by saying that the shirt was going to get replaced, but that was not enough to solve the problem.

Myles also spoke about the confusion regarding the design and claimed that Triple H thought ACH had approved the same:

What next for WWE and Myles?

Myles was one of the brightest talents in NXT and it will be interesting to see how this plays for him.

The promotion has several talented African American stars with Kofi Kingston being the champion for several months. It is unlikely that the WWE wanted to create a racist tone with the Myles shirt.

The wrestling promotion has a huge Survivor Series weekend coming up in a few weeks, and have some huge matches planned too.

NXT is included in the annual event as they face Raw and SmackDown in several triple threat matches.

Cole has already distracted several shows in recent weeks and it will be interesting to see how things go at the show.

Myles could have been part of something big at NXT, but it seems that his time in WWE is all but over.


Myles’ previous Twitter account seems to have been deleted and none of his previous tweets are present either.

It is difficult to ascertain is WWE intended to create a racist shirt, but this contentious issue had dragged for a while.

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