WWE seemingly removes all content regarding woke wrestler Joe Gacy


Joe Gacy woke wrestler’s content has been removed by the WWE

WWE recently received a bit of a backlash because of their gimmick. WWE NXT Star Joe Gacy debuted a new character. He talked about how he doesn’t need to use his male privileges to get things done and so on.

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Joe Gacy WWE (Twitter)

This gimmick was later covered by major news handles such as Fox and The New York Post. WWE realized that it wasn’t probably the best idea to do something like this. They deleted all of the content of Gacy’s character.

It is not the first time that WWE made politically and also socially sensitive comments through a gimmick. Just to probably stir up some conversation around the promotion. WWE has yet to come out with information on Gacy’s character and whether it will continue or not.

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Joe Gacy after his match (The New York Post)

What did Joe Gacy say?

Before he lost his match against Cameron Grimes he made several comments. Targeting the woke. Which were not received well by the fans at all. He said:

‘This is a place where we settle our differences. I come to you tonight with a mindset of conflict resolution where I also don’t need to use my male privilege to get what I want. I understand just like you that life isn’t fair. and believe that we can achieve unity and tolerance for us all, and I can be the man that will show you we can also achieve peace in this safe space. And it starts tonight!’ 

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Joe Gacy (WWE)

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