WWE 2K20 is the latest instalment of the long-running wrestling franchise, but the game is filled with numerous bugs and glitches.

The game was developed by Yukes for a long time, however, 2K Sports went with Visual Concepts this time around.

The result has been a mess with loads of players complaining about a range of issues. Wrestler models look old generation when compared to the power of the PS4 and Xbox One.

Jerry Lawler
Jerry Lawler during SummerSlam (Image credit: Getty)

There are issues with hairstyles and even in-ring matches are affected by clunky controls and weird glitches.

2K recently produced a patch to solve some of these issues, but for every bug solved, another one crops up.

Recently a fan shared a clip of Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler walking into the ring without his iconic crown.

However, the crown magically appears after The King enters the ring and then disappears again.

Lawler claimed that he was happy to be just in the game. That should be expected as criticising the product doesn’t make sense from a WWE legend.

WWE 2K20 bugs and glitches affect ratings

The WWE games were always fun during the era of SmackDown: Here comes the pain! however, 2K decided to take a more simulation route in recent years and that hasn’t always worked out great.

The games were still fun to play and given that this is the official tie-up with the WWE, it is surprising how this was even allowed to launch.

WWE 2K20 is a buggy mess
WWE 2K20 is a buggy mess (Image credit: WWE)

2K20’s MyCareer/Story mode isn’t all that great either and the ratings have been largely negative across all platforms.

IGN gave it a rating of just 4.3 out of 10 and believed the games needs to sort out several issues at the moment.

The Bump in the Night DLC was released and that featured The Fiend, but you cannot get the wrestler with the base game.

WWE 2K19 actually took several steps forward and was a great game, but this latest instalment has been a bit of a disaster.

Many WWE stars haven’t tweeted anything critical since the launch of the game, however, the issues are still there for all to see.


It will be interesting to see what steps 2K Sports takes to resolve the problems faced.

2K has an excellent record with the NBA franchise, and it is surprising that they even allowed such a buggy game to be released in the first place.


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