Beth Britt: Jeff Hardy wife, family, kids, career and net worth


Beth Britt is an American citizen famously known to be the wife of WWE Superstar and future Hall of Famer Jeff Hardy

Britt and Hardy knew each other for many years after meeting in a club in California. They got married in 2011. She loves animals, arts and music similar to her husband and is how they bonded in their youth. Hardy and Britt stay together with their kids in Cameron, North Carolina. Hardy will be busy touring after WWE began a full capacity crowd in the stadiums.

Beth Britt and Jeff Hardy families

She was born and raised by her parents, but the finer details are not known. She lost her mother unfortunately at the age of 12. After that, she was taken care of by Ronda Lu Ryder McCormick. She has three siblings named Phillip, Chris and a sister whose name hasn’t been revealed.

Jeff Hardy is the son of Gilbert and Ruby Moore Hardy, and elder brother of fellow wrestler Matt Hardy. The brothers started the Trampoline Wrestling Federation (TWF) in their childhood days, mimicking the moves they saw on TV. Their mother passed away due to brain cancer in 1987. They also worked for companies such as ACW in their teenage days. Hardy used to work on a tobacco farm to help the family financially.

Beth Britt’s husband Jeff Hardy

Hardy became a popular figure, teaming up with his real life brother Matt Hardy to form the Hardy Brothers in the mid 2000s. The daredevils went on to win many accolades together and even feuded against each other. They won 21 tag team championships as a team, before trying a shot in singles competition.

Jeff Hardy wife
Hardy has been there for many years in WWE

Hardy has performed for many promotions in his career including IMPACT and Ring of Honour. He is also a former WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

His career was marred with controversy as he suffered from drug abuse early in his career. He had to let go of a championship after testing positive. He was also suspended for a month by WWE for failing to comply with the company’s policy. However, now he has been out of the troublesome mess and is back on WWE Raw.

Beth Britt kids

Britt and Hardy have two kids since their marriage in 2011 – two daughters named Ruby Claire, born in 2010 while Nera Quinn was born in 2015.

Hardy met Beth in 1999 at a nightclub in Southern Pines, North Carolina. He visited the club after winning his first ever WWF Tag Team Championship with his brother, Matt Hardy.

Beth Britt net worth and salary

Britt is a housemaker and takes care of her two children in North Carolina. Her net worth and salary is estimated with Hardy travelling all over North America securing various titles in his career. Hardy’s net worth is estimated at $15 million from deals and endoresments.

Beth Britt FAQs

When did Beth Britt and Jeff Hardy get married?
Beth Britt got married to Hardy in 2011
What is Beth Britt doing now?
Beth Britt is currently a housemaker and takes care of her two daughters
How old is Beth Britt?
Colette Foley is 41 years old
Is Beth Britt an American citizen?
Yes, Beth Britt is an American citizen.
What is Beth Britt’s net worth?
Beth Britt’s net worth is unknown.

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