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James Hunt was a British Formula One driver. He raced for seven seasons in the Formula One. After retiring from racing he went on to become a motor sports commentator. Let’s have a look at his Net worth. Records, Personal life and more.

James Hunt (F1)

James Hunt Facts

Birth Place Belmont, Surrey, England
Father’s Name Wallis Hunt
Mother’s Name Sue Hunt
Star Sign Virgo
Net Worth (2021) $40 Million 
Salary (2021) NA 
Age at time of death45
Date of Birth 29 August 1947
Height (cm) 185 cm
Weight (kg) NA
Nationality British
F1 Debut 1973
Teams Hesketh, McLaren and Wolf
F1 Race Wins 10
F1 Podium Positions 23
F1 Championship Wins 1
ChildrenFreddie Hunt and Tom Hunt
WifeHelen Dyson

James Hunt Net Worth

At the time of his death in 1993, Hunt managed to accumulate a net worth of roughly $40 million. Being one of the biggest F1 stars of his time he bagged in big money from his salary and endorsements. He also earned money from commentating after he retired from racing in 1979.

James Hunt Formula One Career

Hunt made his Formula One debut at the 1973 Monaco Grand Prix. He started his career with the Formula One new comers Hesketh. Hunt and his team were not given the respect they deserved until 1974 when they won the 1974 Silverstone Trophy. In 1976 Hunt was in search for a new team as Hesketh decided to leave Formula One.

In 1976 Hunt was signed by McLaren. This proved to be the best year in Hunt’s career. Hunt won the World Championship in his first year at McLaren. Though he was being praised by everyone for his performances a year before nobody expected him to win the World Championship. In 1978 he fell out of love with the McLaren he was driving and decided to change his team the following season.

James Hunt and Niki Lauda (Auto Sport)

In 1979 Hunt drove for Walter Wolf Racing the team and the car seemed to be non-competitive for Hunt. The former world champion lost interest in racing and announced his retirement halfway through the 1979 season.

In his glorious seven year stint in the Formula One Hunt competed in 93 races winning 10 and getting to 23 podiums. Hunt also won 1976 World Championship as mentioned.

James Hunt Personal Life

Hunt was born in Belmont, Surrey, England on 29th August 1947 to Wallis and Sue Hunt. In the 1960s Hunt got a chance to participate in the Formula Ford in a rental car and won the Lydden Hill Race Circuit. In 1969 he got his first break when he got a chance to race in the Formula three.

Hunt was always a womanizer known for his flamboyant and over the top attitude. Hunt’s first marriage came in 1974 when he married Suzy Miller. His first marriage was ended very quickly when they got divorced by the end of 1975.

Hunt got married for the second time to Sarah Lomax in 1983. The couple faced their fair share of ups and downs as the Racer regularly cheated on Lomax. The couple eventually got divorced in 1989.

Helen Dyson and Helen Dyson (DailyMail)

Hunt met his last lover Helen Dyson at a restaurant where she worked. The two started dating in 1989. Hunt also had his two sons with Dyson. A day before his death Hunt proposed to Dyson on 14th June 1993.

 James Hunt FAQs

What is the date of birth of James Hunt? 
James Hunt was born on August , 29 1947. 
What is the net worth of James Hunt? 
James Hunt has a net worth of $40 million. 
Does James Hunt have any children? 
James Hunt has two sons named Freddie and Tom Hunt
What is the nationality of James Hunt? 
James Hunt is of British nationality. 
Where was James Hunt born? 
James Hunt was born in Belmont, Surrey, England
Who is the wife of James Hunt
James Hunt was dating Helen Dyson at the time of his death
How many F1 titles has James Hunt won? 
James Hunt has won one F1 title.
What were the teams that James Hunt raced for? 
James Hunt has driven for Hesketh, McLaren and Wolf
When did James Hunt make his F1 debut? 
James Hunt made his F1 debut in 1973

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