The Philadelphia 76ers shooting guard has revealed the date when his J-Harden Wines is going to be made available.

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Harden in action for the 76ers

The 32-year-old American basketball superstar recently went on Twitter to confirm that his new brand of wine is coming out later this month, on the 26th of August. Named “J-Harden Wines”, the alcoholic drink is to be made available on a renowned wine marketplace online called Vivino.

The application which lists and sells different wines will also host Harden’s brand-new product which will hit the stores online when he will be releasing it later this month. Harden also went on to mention that the release date of the new brand coincides with his birthday, as one of the most prolific scorers in the National Basketball Association (NBA) turns 33 in slightly over a week.

Harden, who previously turned out for Oklahoma City Thunder, Houston Rockets and Brooklyn Nets in the NBA has been known for his interest in wines for a number of years. The Sixers star who is synonymous with his signature facial hair and his eccentric sense of fashion now adds another feather to his well-decorated cap, as he posed in what looked like his native California – holding two bottles of his brand new self titled product.

Harden was flaunting silhouettes of his own face adorned with a brightly coloured floral pattern, something that would catch the audience’s eye to make him stand out from the crowd in his own way – similar to his iconic bearded look.


Despite being one of the top players in the NBA in his own right, the 10-time NBA All-Star is still eluded by the Championship Ring even after being in the competition for 13 years.

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In order to finally add the one elusive feather on his cap, Harden has asked to take a significant pay cut ahead of the new NBA season in order to help the Sixers assemble a roster worthy of challenging for the championship.

And if the Sixers do manage to get a few big names in, Harden might finally complete his arc as one of the top players in NBA history at the end of the next season.


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