Is Noah Beck Gay? Exploring social media star’s sexuality


Noah Beck, known for his involvement with the TikTok app, has recently been the subject of speculation as being homosexual.

Rumors began swirling after he posted some Instagram images showing himself wearing fishnets and heels for a photo shoot with VMAN magazine. These posts generated significant backlash on social media, leading to accusations of “queer baiting.”

PersonDescriptionRelationship StatusSexual Orientation Statement
Noah BeckSocial media influencer with millions of followers on TikTok and YouTube.Rumors about dating Addison RaeStated he’s straight and attracted to women.
Dixie D’AmelioMember of Sway House; associated with Noah Beck in various projects and social media posts.No public statement on sexuality
James CharlesOpenly gay social media influencer; friends with Noah Beck.
Addison RaeAssociated with Noah Beck in the past, but rumored to be just friends.Rumored dating Noah Beck

Dixie D’Amelio

Noah Beck is a well-known social media influencer with millions of followers on TikTok and YouTube. A former soccer player, he has participated in various projects as well as creating his own merchandise line. Additionally, YouTuber Noah uploads vlogs and challenges that have also been featured in magazines; during one video post, he addressed rumors he might be gay.

He stated that although he’s not gay himself, he has too many gay friends and often wears feminine clothing. Yet appearances do not define sexuality.

Dixie D’Amelio has not addressed her sexuality openly; however, she has been open about her relationship with fellow Sway House member Noah Beck. They regularly post photos and videos together on their respective social media accounts as well as starring in each other’s music projects and videos; although their romance may have soured, they remain close.

James Charles

Noah Beck has quickly become one of the most well-known social media personalities due to his short clips posted on TikTok and Instagram. Additionally, his fashion choices have reignited debate about his sexual orientation – particularly given his close friendship with James Charles and support of LGBTQ initiatives that fuel these rumors.

In mid-2021, he released a TikTok video in response to reports regarding his sexuality. In it, he declared himself straight and attracted to women – drawing both praise and support from fans, yet some expressed disillusionment that he chose this method for responding.

He is a widely followed TikTok star who has amassed millions of followers thanks to his lip-syncing and dance performances, appearing in multiple music videos, being part of Sway House Collective on Instagram, having his own merchandise line as well as starting his own YouTube channel.

Addison Rae

Noah Beck has seen great success with his videos, leading many viewers to speculate about his sexuality. Fans have speculated he may be gay due to close friendships with outwardly homosexual social media influencers like James Charles as well as involvement in LGBTQ+ supporting initiatives; further rumors were fuelled by vague statements regarding his sexuality that may indicate any possible orientation biases.

Noah recently addressed sexuality rumors on a TikTok video; though not giving a definitive answer, the video did help clear up some confusion.

Noah is an American video creator who has amassed more than 6.3 million followers on TikTok through lip-syncing and transition videos. Additionally, he belongs to Sway House – an umbrella group of TikTok stars who collaborate on content for their millions of fans – as well as having launched “Mama Knows Best,” his podcast with Sheri Nicole called weekly episodes about their life together.

Noah Beck

Noah Beck is a prolific social media influencer who has amassed an extensive following on TikTok. Known for his lip-sync and transition videos, Noah also established an impressive soccer career and participated in the U.S. Youth Football Olympic Development Program of Arizona.

His widespread fame has given rise to speculations regarding his sexuality; some assume he’s gay while others hold onto their beliefs that he’s straight. Known for being friends with openly gay social media influencers such as James Charles and participating in LGBTQ+ inclusive initiatives, there have been widespread speculations over this matter.


Recently, he has come under scrutiny for posing in fishnets and heels for a VMAN magazine photoshoot, sparking criticism on social media platforms as people called out his actions as queer-baiting and accused him of disrespecting LGBTQIA+ community members.

Noah addressed these rumors via a video posted to TikTok and denied they are true, asserting he is neither gay nor dating Addison Rae; rather they remain just friends.