Is Macaulay Culkin Gay? Know more about his personal life


Macaulay Culkin is not gay but has had relationships with women throughout his adult years. Additionally, he owns the Bunny Ears lifestyle brand and hosts a podcast.

Recent events ignited gay rumors when he gave singer Sean Tillman, better known by his stage name “Har Mar Superstar,” a wet kiss while performing with their parody rock band!

Movie TitleKey Points
The Good Son (1992)– Macaulay Culkin’s dramatic debut playing a psychopathic character.
– Culkin’s performance praised, but some issues with the portrayal of the character.
My Girl (1991)– Culkin’s rise to fame through Home Alone and his hiatus from acting after My Girl.
– Mention of his marriage to Rachel Miner and subsequent divorce.
Home Alone 2 (1992)– Description of the sequel’s plot and characters.
– Mention of Donald Trump’s cameo and calls for its removal.
The Wrong Ferrari (2011)– Macaulay Culkin’s private personal life and increased interest in his sexual orientation.
– Speculation about his sexuality after a public kiss with a man.
Changeland (2018)– Culkin’s dating history and relationships with women, including Brenda Song.
– Mention of his irreverent pop culture website and podcast, Bunny Ears.
Conclusion– Increased searches about his sexuality following an appearance on Ellen.
– Rare insights into his personal life, such as being the godfather of Michael Jackson’s daughter.

The Good Son (1992)

Macaulay Culkin made his cinematic debut with The Good Son, his first dramatic and psychological thriller movie since making several cute kids’ comedies. Playing Henry, an 18-year-old psychopath who’s fascinated with death; Henry hides his desire to kill behind polite and seemingly normal behavior.

Culkin and Wood both give outstanding performances in The Good Son. Its complex plot lines and expert direction add an atmosphere of suspense that remains consistently captivating throughout.

The Good Son is a shocking and thought-provoking drama that tackles child abuse with strong acting and an engaging story, yet there are some flaws in its execution that make it less than perfect – for instance, Henry doesn’t quite fit the mold of being an innocent, impressionable little boy; his speech and logic seem too sophisticated for convincing portrayal.

My Girl (1991)

Macaulay Culkin made his name as a child actor and rose to stardom with the Home Alone films. Unfortunately, however, his career suffered when he ran afoul of law and suffered family tensions.

After My Girl hit theaters, Culkin decided to take a hiatus from acting. In 2003 he returned with an appearance in Party Monster.

Culkin made this statement during an ABC News interview. He didn’t care what his fans thought of him or whether they believed he was gay; Culkin eventually married actress Rachel Miner in 1998 but their union lasted only two years before they divorced.

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

Home Alone 2: Lost in New York may be a sequel, but its stakes have been greatly raised. Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) finds himself lost in New York on Christmas Eve after flying there alone; quickly finding himself crossing paths with Harry and Marv – the escaped Wet Bandits, in a story of criminal family neglect and comically violent teenage anarchy.

Like its predecessor, this sequel is sure to draw pre-teen audiences in droves. Packed with characters like Mary Poppins-inspired bird lady and Tim Curry donning his most villainous smile imaginable, this film’s biggest scandalous element is Donald Trump’s cameo which has led some viewers to request its removal.

The Wrong Ferrari (2011)

Macaulay Culkin’s roles as the star of classic childhood films leave audiences eagerly curious about his personal life, yet he remains notoriously private about these matters. After appearing on Ellen, there was an increase in searches about his sexual orientation and its possible meanings for Culkin.

But it appears the star is unfazed by these questions. Recently he caused gay speculation after kissing a man during one of Pizza Underground’s performances in front of a packed room.

At the same time, the actor took great care to emphasize that he is not gay; in fact, he mentioned wearing nail polish and having a tote bag as two items that make him happy. Furthermore, he expressed that one day he’d love to become a father himself–though perhaps not of a baby boy!

Changeland (2018)

Culkin hasn’t tied the knot since 1998, yet he continues to date women. From 2013 until 2017, he dated Jordan Lane Enter of All My Children; later he began dating Brenda Song who co-starred with him on Changeland.

He operates an irreverent pop culture website and podcast called Rabbit Ears, winning both Young Artist Awards and MTV Movie Awards as well as writing his autobiography Junior in 2006.


Searches of his sexuality spiked following his appearance on Ellen, where search volume spiked for words such as “Macaulay Culkin gay” and “Macaulay Culkin married”. Though rarely opening up about his personal life, Macaulay Culkin has occasionally shared details regarding it – for instance, being godfather out of Jackson’s daughter Paris who share an especially close bond between themselves.