Is Leonardo DiCaprio Gay? Know more about his personal life


Leonardo DiCaprio is an esteemed actor and environmental activist known for his many projects focused on environmental preservation. Additionally, he has an array of relationships with women that make his dating history one of the more exciting and intriguing in Hollywood.

He has appeared in films like The Aviator, Gangs of New York, Titanic, and Moulin Rouge!, featuring kissing scenes with other men – leading some to speculate whether or not he may be gay or bisexual.

Acting CareerThe esteemed actor is known for his environmental activism and diverse film roles
Sexual OrientationSpeculation and rumors about his sexual orientation, but he has never publicly identified as gay or bisexual
Kissing ScenesLeonardo DiCaprio has kissed other men in movie scenes, leading to speculation about his sexuality
RelationshipsDiCaprio has had high-profile relationships with women, but no confirmed romantic involvement with men
Film RolesNo confirmed instances of turning down roles due to being gay; he has taken on various complex characters

How Did Rumors Spread About His Sexual Orientation?

Leonardo DiCaprio’s appearance in Titanic led to homosexual rumors. Even Saturday Night Live host Pete Davidson stated that he used to masturbate while watching Leonardo “act.”

He had numerous high-profile relationships during his career, such as models Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, and Erin Heatherton; he also romantically linked to Rihanna and Camila Morrone.

Some have speculated that actor Tom Cruise is bisexual; however, no public statements have ever been issued by him regarding this topic. Indeed, he once claimed bisexuality was “an inadequate shorthand” for how some individuals perceive gender expression.

DiCaprio first ignited speculation of dating Armie Hammer when their steamy kissing scene appeared in J. Edgar. DiCaprio played FBI director J. Edgar Hoover while Hammer played his aide Clyde Tolson; since then, DiCaprio has downplayed this scene, saying it was simply part of the movie. Additionally, reports indicate he dated model Gigi Hadid from 2022-2023.

Has He Ever Kissed Another Man in a Movie?

Leonardo DiCaprio has long been subjected to speculations of being gay, with his love life becoming the topic of much interest and speculation. Over the years he has dated both women and men including supermodel Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Blake Lively, and Rihanna; although more recently it seems he prefers younger models such as Camila Morrone and Kendall Jenner.

DiCaprio kisses another man during a scene from the 2011 movie J. Edgar; however, its meaning remains uncertain. DiCaprio plays FBI director J. Edgar Hoover while Armie Hammer portrays Clyde Tolson from Hoover’s protege group; their close bond and closeness have led many people to speculate they were gay lovers.

DiCaprio may have other kissing scenes unreleased yet; currently, he’s working with David Thewlis on an upcoming project in which they portray poets Verlaine and Rimbaud respectively.

Has He Ever Turned Down a Film Role Because It Was Gay?

Leonardo DiCaprio remains humble and private despite his success as an Oscar-nominated Hollywood blockbuster actor (Titanic, Catch Me If You Can, Gangs of New York, The Aviator Revolutionary Road The Revenant Blood Diamond, and more). However, speculation regarding his sexual orientation often ensues due to him remaining quiet about it.

Young Robert De Niro would often wear dresses in public, which fed into gay-baiting rumors. When Miriam Margoyles of Romeo + Juliet asked directly if he was homosexual, Robert responded that no, he wasn’t.

Since then, Leo has taken on various projects that explore complex undercurrents within his character, such as his standout turn as Howard Hughes in 2015’s The Aviator. Next year he will star as 19th century poets Verlaine and Rimbaud in Agnieszka Holland’s epic. It requires him to take an unprecedented leap of faith: portraying men who love other men.

Has He Ever Been in a Relationship?

Leonardo DiCaprio may have had various relationships in his lifetime, yet has never been romantically involved with men. No homosexual roles have ever been depicted in any of his movies either – though there have been certain scenes that may lead to speculation about being gay.

He reportedly dated models like Bridget Hall, Brittany Daniels, and Natasha Henstridge of The Basketball Diaries series during the late ’90s. By the 2000s, he had an 18-month relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Toni Garrn; also dated sports model Bar Refaeli for five years and actress Anne Vyalitsyna for one.


Recently, he has been linked with model Camila Morrone; however, some critics have been critical of his tendency to date younger women because it creates an unequal power dynamic and reinforces social ideas that value women only because of their youth.