Is Julianne Hough Gay Or Bisexual? Know more about her personal life


Julianne Hough is a talented dancer and actress. She has won various competitions and is best known for her appearances on Dancing With the Stars.

She recently graced Women’s Health magazine’s cover in nudity, showing off her stunning figure. She is very open about her sexuality, having previously dated other men.

Career– Successful dancer and actress, known for her roles in films like Footloose and Rock of Ages. – Twice won Dancing With the Stars. – Broadway performer. – Released a self-titled debut album in 2008.
Openness About Sexuality– Open about her sexuality. – Shared her coming-out story with her husband, Brooks Laich. – Revealed she is bisexual. – Known for discussing her journey with endometriosis.
Relationships– Dated country singer Chuck Wicks in 2008. – Linked with Ryan Seacrest during her DWTS competition. – Linked with director Ari Sandel. – Was in a long-term relationship with NHL player Brooks Laich before their separation. – Seen with actor Ben Barnes briefly in 2020.
Recent Magazine Cover– Posed nude for Women’s Health magazine’s September issue. – Speculation and discussion about her sexuality based on this cover.

Julianne Hough is a lesbian

Julianne Hough is a well-known dancer and actress who has appeared in multiple films. She became popular after competing on the Dancing with the Stars reality TV show; twice winning that competition! Hough has also openly discussed her sexuality while dating several men during her time competing.

Hough was featured in a New York Post article where she discussed various aspects of her life – such as performing in POTUS on Broadway, finalizing her divorce from NHL player Brooks Laich and discovering queer identity.

She recently discussed her journey with endometriosis, a condition that causes painful periods and cramping. Initially unaware of it herself, the actress went years without knowing of its existence; today it affects one in 10 women of reproductive age. Dancer and brother Derek offer support – most recently seen together outside a restaurant getting green juices and food and greeting each other with affectionate kisses when greeting each other by name.

She is open about her sexuality

Julianne Hough is one of the most open celebrities about her sexuality. Recently featured on the Women’s Health magazine cover and shared her coming-out story with her husband Brooks Laich; although not label herself gay or bisexual; her honesty and candor inspire many.

Hough was raised in a Mormon family and taught to be good, yet managed to discover her own voice through dance. She became best known through the Dancing With The Stars television show as well as several film roles she has participated in.

Hough was in a long-term relationship with NHL player Brooks Laich until their separation was announced in May 2020. Since then she has been working on Dolly Parton’s Heartstrings as well as recently posing nude for magazine covers causing speculation of a potential romance between herself and Animal Kingdom actor Tyler Lain.

She is married to a man

Julianne Hough has quickly made her mark as an immensely talented individual, becoming known through Dancing With the Stars and Burlesque. Additionally, she has appeared in various other films and TV shows like Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks and Netflix’s Jolene.

She released her self-titled debut album in 2008 to mixed reviews but saw success on country charts. Additionally, she has performed extensively on Broadway winning numerous accolades for her performances.

Hough recently discussed her sexuality and revealed it to Brooks Laich during an interview. She revealed she is bisexual and that it was hard for her to come out; Laich proved supportive, helping Hough gain the courage to speak out about herself and date other men as she has done since coming out publicly about herself and endometriosis, an autoimmune condition that affects one in 10 women of reproductive age.

She has dated other men

Julianne Hough has appeared in multiple hit films such as Footloose and Rock of Ages, as well as established herself as an accomplished dancer. Recently she posed nude for Women’s Health’s September issue, prompting much discussion regarding her sexuality; fans speculate whether or not she might be lesbian or bisexual.

After her divorce from Brooks Laich, Julianne Hough began dating another man. She was seen hanging out with actor Ben Barnes in April 2020 which led many to speculate they had more than platonic feelings for one another.

But just a month later, they announced their breakup. Since then, Hough has been seen with multiple men but she has yet to comment if these are potential romantic interests or not.


Her first serious relationship was with country singer Chuck Wicks in 2008. Later on, Hough was linked with Ryan Seacrest – with reports suggesting they may have had an intimate relationship while Hough competed on Dancing With the Stars (DWTS) that year. Later, she became linked with Academy Award-winning director Ari Sandel.