Is John Travolta Gay? Know more about his personal life


John Travolta, who has three children with his wife Kelly and has been the subject of sexuality allegations since the early ’80s, has always faced speculation regarding his sexuality.

Grease actor John Travolta has been named as an individual in two separate gay-related lawsuits filed by male masseurs; these suits were ultimately dismissed.

Kirstie Alley, who co-starred alongside John Travolta in the 1989 movie Look Who’s Talking, has spoken out against these false allegations against Travolta.

John Travolta’s Family– John Travolta married Kelly Preston in 1991.
– They had two children, son Jett, and daughter Ella Bleu.
– Kelly Preston frequently appeared in movies alongside Travolta.
Sexual Allegations– John Travolta faced allegations and rumors about his sexuality since the early ’80s.
– Two lawsuits filed by male masseurs alleging sexual misconduct were ultimately dismissed.
Douglas Gotterba– Douglas Gotterba claimed to have had a six-year gay affair with John Travolta during the ’80s.
– Travolta’s camp responded, asserting that Gotterba’s lawsuit was baseless.
Kirstie Alley– Kirstie Alley was close to John Travolta, co-starring with him in movies like “Look Who’s Talking.”
– Alley confided feelings for Travolta but did not act on them due to being married.
– She appeared alongside Travolta in “American Crime Story: Among Us.”
– Alley defended Travolta against allegations of homosexuality in a 2012 interview.
Scientology– John Travolta is an outspoken member of Scientology but rarely talks publicly about it.
– There have been speculations about his loyalty to Scientology after Kelly Preston’s death and an HBO documentary on the religion.
Fabian Zanzi Lawsuit– Fabian Zanzi sued Travolta in 2012 for sexual battery, but the case was eventually dismissed.
Sam Domingo’s Claims– Sam Domingo, a former VIP member of Scientology, made claims about Travolta’s involvement in Scientology.
– She mentioned Travolta’s attempt to revive Jett after a seizure.
– She also claimed that Jada Pinkett Smith recruited celebrities for Scientology church services.
– Domingo asserted that Scientology teaches its members not to mourn.

John Travolta and Kelly Preston

Kelly Preston married John Travolta in 1991, creating an idyllic couple. They eloped to Paris before marrying legally back home. Together they had two children: son Jett and daughter Ella Bleu. Kelly Preston often appeared alongside Travolta in movies like Twins, From Dusk Till Dawn, Jerry Maguire, and Old Dogs.

No matter how wonderful their marriage was, rumors about John Travolta always swirled. One such claim came from pornstar Paul Barresi in 1980 who claimed they had had an intimate sexual encounter during that era – sparking more rumors which eventually lead to accusations against John from male masseurs in Beverly Hills and Atlanta of sexual battery; these cases were later dropped; eventually, Travolta would lose his wife of 29 years to cancer when she passed away at 57.

John Travolta and Douglas Gotterba

Douglas Gotterba claimed in 2012 to have had an intimate six-year gay affair with John Travolta while working at his aircraft company Alto during the ’80s. According to Gotterba’s account with National Enquirer, their affair began soon after starting work together at Alto and they continued dating until 1986 before parting ways and Gotterba began seeing another man named Robert Britz shortly thereafter.

Travolta’s camp responded to this rumor by asserting that Gotterba is simply trying to profit off their alleged sexual relationship, adding that Gotterba’s lawsuit is baseless and plans on having it dismissed soon.

John Travolta and Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley died Monday at age 71 after a short battle with cancer and was known for being close with both John Travolta and its sequel actor Travolta, appearing together in Look Who’s Talking (1989 and its subsequent installments). Alley once confided to Howard Stern that she had feelings for Travolta but would not act on them due to being married and unwilling to cheat on her spouse.

Alley also appeared in American Crime Story: Among Us alongside Travolta, becoming close over time. She later guest starred on Kirstie – Travolta even paid his respects when Alley passed away.

Alley was convinced that Travolta wasn’t gay despite their close friendship, as she addressed any reports to that effect in a 2012 interview with CBS Radio. Alley stated that Travolta never fit the stereotype of homosexual men and never presented himself that way; she further criticized male masseurs’ legal claims filed against him that year against Travolta that eventually were dismissed as well as any potential sexual misconduct claims from male masseurs who filed lawsuits against him in 2012.

John Travolta and Scientology

John Travolta is an outspoken member of Scientology, though he rarely advocates or talks publicly about his faith. Some speculate that his loyalty has been tested since Kelly Preston died as well as an HBO documentary exploring Scientology’s roots.

Fabian Zanzi of Brazil sued John Travolta in 2012 for sexual battery. According to him, Travolta forced his erect penis against his genitalia aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise ship in 2009. However, the case was eventually dismissed.


Sam Domingo, a former VIP member of Scientology, made explosive claims about its religion and stars during a groundbreaking new interview. She asserted that John Travolta attempted to revive Jett after she suffered an epileptic seizure in 2009 and Jada Pinkett Smith recruited celebrities for Scientology church services. Additionally, Domingo claimed the religion taught its members not to mourn: it teaches its members to avoid grieving as humans have multiple lives with new bodies being just another step on our journeys to immortality.