Is Finn Wolfhard Gay? All you should know about the Stranger Things star’s sexuality


Is Finn Wolfhard gay – all you should know about the popular actor

Finn Wolfhard is a popular actor who played Mike Wheeler on Netflix’s Stranger Things. Recently he caused controversy when Jack Dylan Grazer pecked him on the cheek during an interview, leading some fans to assume that Finn is homosexual.

However, it should be noted that he has never openly declared his sexuality and tends to keep a relatively low profile about his personal life.

What is Finn Wolfhard’s Sexuality?

Finn Wolfhard is an actor known for his roles as Mike Wheeler on Stranger Things and Richie Tozler in It. With such an avid following, many wonder if Finn is gay or bisexual – yet neither he or anyone from his team have revealed any details regarding this. Finn has always been supportive of LGBTQ causes.

Recently, he praised co-star Noah Schnapp for coming out as gay on TikTok and expressed his pride that it was such a “slow arc”. Additionally, he noted how similarly he felt when his character Will came out as gay in season four of their hit TV show.

Fans have long speculated on Finn’s sexuality due to his very secretive personal life. When he was seen kissing another boy on camera, speculation swirled as many believed this meant he may be bisexual; however, later it was clarified as simply being friendly kiss.

More about Finn Wolfhard

Finn Wolfhard is a man and has never publicly declared whether or not he is gay or bisexual; however, his characters often depict romantic attraction to other male best friends.

Finn was featured as Richie Tozier in It Chapter One and fell for Eddie Kaspbrak (played by Finn). Additionally, he has portrayed Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things.

Fans have speculated that Finn could be gay or bisexual; however, the actor has not confirmed this claim and prefers to keep his personal life private.

Fans have observed Finn kissing boys despite this evidence suggesting otherwise, leading some to speculate whether or not this proves that he’s gay, while others claim it was simply friendly gesture. No matter the case may be, Finn is clearly straight and does not engage in romantic relationships with men; currently dating actress and social media star Elsie Pearl Richter as his only significant relationship partner.

Finn Wolfhard is Bisexual?

Finn Wolfhard has taken great strides since the success of Stranger Things to explore other projects and bolster his resume with notable roles such as IT Chapter 2 and Ghostbusters: Apocalypse. Additionally, he advocates for mental health through partnerships such as Crisis Text Line and Child Mind Institute.

He is also an accomplished musician, playing the bass guitar in Vancouver-based band Calpurnia and boasting an extensive list of music credits on Instagram – including songs featured in horror movie It Chapter Two.

Rumors have spread about Finn being gay or bisexual, yet he has never made his sexual orientation known. Although once seen kissing a boy briefly, later confirmed to be friendly kisses only. Still, he does not view himself as homophobic and actively supports LGBTQ community through raising money for LGBTQ charities with his fame and charity efforts. Finn has done much for the community while serving as an excellent role model to young people.

Sexual OrientationInformation
Rumors and Speculations– Speculation about Finn Wolfhard’s sexuality has been fueled by his roles and public interactions, including a kiss with a male co-star.
He is Straight– Finn has not publicly declared his sexual orientation. – His characters often depict romantic attraction to male friends. – Currently dating actress and social media star Elsie Pearl Richter.
He is Bisexual– Rumors have circulated about Finn’s sexual orientation, but he has not confirmed them. – Advocates for LGBTQ causes and has been supportive. – Once seen kissing a boy briefly, clarified as friendly kisses.
Finn Wolfhard is Gay– Speculation around Finn’s sexuality has led to assumptions of him being gay. – Close friend and co-star Noah Schnapp came out as gay. – Finn himself has not openly discussed his sexual orientation.

Finn Wolfhard is Gay?

Finn Wolfhard is an established actor who has made appearances in multiple films and television series, most notably Richie Tozier in It Chapter 1 and 2. Additionally, he played Boris Pavlikovsky in The Goldfinch as well as voice acting Pugsley Addams from The Addams Family movie franchise.

Recently, this actor has become actively engaged with advocacy campaigns supporting autism research and indigenous children’s rights. Additionally, he organized charity concerts for struggling musicians while still refusing to discuss his personal life in depth.

Fans have long speculated that actor Finn Wolfhard is gay due to the variety of roles he has taken on that portray various sexual identities and his frequent kissing of co-stars on set. Additionally, close friend Noah Schnapp recently came out as gay, leading many people to speculate whether Finn might also be homosexual.


In conclusion, Finn Wolfhard’s sexual orientation remains undisclosed, and assumptions should not be made based on his roles or public interactions. It’s crucial to respect his privacy and acknowledge his support for LGBTQ causes without making assumptions about his personal life.