Is WWE star Edge really hurt after Seth Rollins attack?


Find out, is WWE star Edge really hurt?

Edge went against Seth Rollins in match at last week’s SmackDown. It seemed like Edge’s neck has been injured because of attacks targeted to it. After the match Edge was stretched out of the arena.

After the match ended Rollins seemed pretty numb to what he had just done and said that he doesn’t feel anything at all.

As the Rated-R superstar wrestles with the WWE part time it feels like this is a storyline injury just to make the rivalry between Edge and Rollins much more interesting. The stretcher part was specifically created to send off Edge for a few months.

On this week’s SmackDown Rollins called out Edge and shared his idea of fighting him for one final time. The Architect said:

“For my own sanity, I have to finish you”

The rivalry between Rollins and Edge was one of the hottest things in SmackDown. The storyline has gotten much more interesting after Edge’s recent time off.

The Rated-R Superstar’s wife Beth Phoenix also gave us an update on Edge. Phoenix is on the commentary team if NXT. Phoenix on this week’s NXT revealed that Edge was at home resting, following last Friday night’s attack by Rollins.

This statement from Phoenix has just given us another reason to believe that Edge’s injury is just a storyline act. With no injury updates of Edge provided by the WWE officially and on why was he sent to the hospital all of it makes sense.

Edge has a history with neck injuries

The WWE Hall of Famer is not new to the severe aftermath of risking the body for wrestling. Edge first neck injury came in 2003 when he fell through a ladder in match. As the problem grew he had to get a surgery to fix it. However, the surgery was not that useful as Edge continued to wrestle.

In 2011 Edge was forced to retire from the WWE and vacate his World Heavyweight Championship because his neck problems had grew. Edge was not cleared medically to fight in the ring. His injury got so serious that if continued to fight he could’ve risked getting lower body paralysis.

Edge is married to Beth Phoenix
Edge is carried out of the ring after an attack by Seth Rollins (WWE)

Edge had to go and get a triple fusion neck surgery. It seemed like Edge would never return to the WWE again. In 2020 he was surprisingly medically cleared again to fight and returned to the ring.

Although Edge was sent to the hospital last week the injury doesn’t seem real but just another plot to make the rivalry better. As stated earlier it looks like a move to send Edge for some time off.

Edge is most certainly towards the end of his wrestling career and won’t fight for much longer. Edge will most probably return in a few months and take on Rollins for on last time and settle the scores.

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