Is Daniel Durant Gay? Let’s Find Out The Truth


Daniel Durant is an American actor best known for his performances in the 2021 drama film CODA and the Broadway revival of Spring Awakening (as Moritz Stiefel). He is not a Gay.

Daniel was not a normal person during his birth. He was born deaf and also both of his parents are also deaf. This made him struggle hard during his initial stages of life. Her aunt is the real saviour as he came forward and adopted him during his childhood. She has given him all the care she can provide. He got his first degree from Minnesota State University, which is a special academy for deaf people. It was great change for Daniel in his life and felt like starting a new life.

Durant competed alongside his dance partner Britt Stewart in the latest season of Dancing With the Stars (DWTS). Durant becomes only the third deaf star ever to participate, after CODA co-star Marlee Matlin and model Nyle DiMarco who previously competed.

ProfessionAmerican actor
Notable WorksPerformances in 2021 drama film CODA and Broadway revival of Spring Awakening (as Moritz Stiefel)
Dancing With the StarsCompeted with dance partner Britt Stewart. Known for a memorable performance where they stopped the music midway to depict the experience of a deaf person dancing without hearing music. Received their first score of 10 for this routine. Found support from cast members like Selma Blair, Charli D’Amelio, and drag queen Shangela.
Personal JourneyDeaf actor who made a significant impact on DWTS as the first deaf competitor. Communicated using American Sign Language throughout the season.
Bond with ShangelaFormed a close bond during their DWTS journey. Shangela assisted Durant in finding his voice.
Upcoming WorkWorking on the sports movie Flash Before The Bang, which is about an all-deaf high school team in Oregon.
BackgroundHas acted both on stage and television. Started with a 2012 TV short and has been steadily progressing in his career with numerous movie and TV series appearances. Known for challenging stereotypes and breaking barriers in the entertainment industry.
Sexuality & DiscussionThere have been discussions about Durant’s sexuality. It’s stressed that Durant’s professional work should remain the primary focus and personal life should remain private. Speculations on his personal life should not serve political agendas and an individual’s privacy should be respected.
ModelingDue to his striking looks and vibrant personality, Daniel has amassed a significant fan base. He stands at 5ft 11inches and has an estimated net worth of $4 Million.
Impact on DWTSDurant may not have progressed to the finals of DWTS, but he has left a mark on the show, especially with his performance that emphasized the experience of deaf dancers.
Singing & Other AchievementsMade a significant impact on DWTS. Known for his role in the Broadway production of Spring Awakening and the 2021 drama CODA, which won the Special Jury Award for Ensemble Cast at Sundance Film Festival.
Personal SupportIn an interview with PRIDE, Durant expressed gratitude towards his parents, Lori and Mary Engels, for their unwavering support. He hopes his DWTS journey can contribute to a more inclusive future for the LGBTQ community.

He is a deaf actor

Daniel Durant is an actor best known for starring in the Academy Award-winning film CODA and has also become a rising star on Dancing With The Stars as part of his partnership with professional dancer Britt Stewart. Together they have made headlines for their impressive performances during episodes.

Just last week they created an unforgettable moment during their DWTS 90s Night Jazz routine by stopping the music midway to demonstrate what it would feel like for someone deaf to dance without hearing music – this move earned them their first 10 of the season and a place in the semifinals.

Durant and his partner have found support from their fellow cast members such as actress Selma Blair, TikTok star Charli D’Amelio, and drag queen Shangela. Durant and Shangela formed an unbreakable bond through the DWTS journey and she even helped Durant find his voice. Now working on the sports movie Flash Before The Bang which chronicles the true story of an all-deaf high school team in Oregon.

He is a gay actor

Daniel Durant boasts an eclectic background, possessing experience both on stage and television. Since making his first appearance in a 2012 Tv short, he has progressed steadily throughout his career and made multiple movies and TV series appearances since. Daniel’s presence in the entertainment industry has broken down barriers while challenging stereotypes.

Durant’s sexuality has become the subject of much discussion, yet his professional work should remain at the center of any considerations. Any speculation on his personal life should remain non-influential and not serve political agendas. An individual’s right to privacy and autonomy must come first and only then should their orientation become an issue for discussion.

Many of the characters in Ros na Run are openly gay, including Will Casey who is in a long-term relationship with Cristiano San Martin, and Deniz Ozturk who has had relationships with both men and women.

He is a gay model

Daniel Durant has established himself as an actor by appearing in multiple movies and TV shows. Due to his vibrant personality and striking looks, Daniel has amassed an enormous fan base. Standing 5ft 11inches with an ideal body structure he is estimated to be worth $4 Million with an estimated net worth estimated at this figure.

Daniel Durant may have not advanced to the finals of Dancing With The Stars this season, yet has left an indelible mark on the show. For one performance he danced without music to give viewers and judges an idea of what it might feel like for deaf people when dancing.

Although many may be curious about Durant’s sexuality, it is important to remember that his orientation is personal and should remain private. Furthermore, making assumptions about an individual’s orientation could have adverse effects on them as well as perpetuate stereotypes about them.

He is a gay singer

Daniel Durant made an impactful debut on Dancing With the Stars as the first deaf actor ever to compete, making an enormous impression on viewers and fellow dancers. Communicating through American Sign Language with partner Britt Stewart throughout their season; during one performance they even cut music during their routine to demonstrate what it felt like for deaf dancers to dance without musical accompaniment! Though Daniel wasn’t chosen as final dancer he still left an indelible mark on viewers! He and partner Britt Stewart showed what deaf actors had never been capable of!

Durant has also appeared in a Broadway production of Spring Awakening and in the 2021 drama CODA, which won her the Special Jury Award for Ensemble Cast at the Sundance Film Festival.

Durant told PRIDE in an interview that his parents, Lori and Mary Engels, have been supportive throughout his journey on the show. He hopes his participation in it will contribute to an inclusive future for LGBTQ people.


Daniel Durant, known for his stellar roles in “CODA” and “Spring Awakening”, has made waves as a groundbreaking deaf participant on Dancing With the Stars, advocating for both the deaf and LGBTQ communities. His courage and talent on and off the screen serve as an inspiration for many, championing inclusivity and breaking stereotypes. He has a girlfriend.