Is Bill Hemmer Gay? Know more about his personal life


Bill Hemmer is an esteemed journalist. Unfortunately, however, he has also been associated with gay rumors after allegedly appearing shirtless for an inappropriate photograph that allegedly was falsified and reported to police by Hemmer himself.

Hemmer has always been extremely private about his romantic life, so it can be hard to ascertain whether he is gay. In 2013, they broke up after dating for eight years.

Full NameBill Hemmer
ProfessionEsteemed journalist, known for work on Fox News
Sexual OrientationStated as straight, not publicly addressing rumors
Relationship StatusSingle, not publicly linked to anyone since 2013
Notable RelationshipDated Canadian model Dara Tomanovich for 8 years
Career Achievements– Emmy awards, Bachelor of Arts in broadcast journalism, ASJ member, regional Emmy awards, and more
Notable IncidentRumors about sexuality after a falsified shirtless photo emerged (later debunked)
Recent On-Air RevelationShowed a photo of his girlfriend during a TV broadcast
Net WorthApproximately $9 Million
Annual EarningsApproximately $3 Million per year

He is single

Hemmer has always been very private about his personal life and sexual orientation, leading to speculations regarding their sexuality. While Hemmer never publicly addressed any details regarding his romantic life or dating relationships involving women (he once dated Canadian model Dara Tomanovich for eight years before they broke up), and recently showcased their photo during his news program and proudly announced he is gay.

Hemmer is an esteemed journalist in the US, best known for his work on Fox News Channel. He has covered various stories such as live crime scene reporting. Additionally, he hosted many popular television programs. For this work, he received various accolades: a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcast journalism from Miami University as an alumnus of Delta Tau Delta fraternity; membership with the American Society of Journalists (ASJ); two regional Emmy awards and numerous others for excellence in journalism.

He dated model Dara Tomanovich

Bill Hemmer is an esteemed journalist working for Fox News. Due to his relative privacy and avoidance of the public spotlight, there has been speculation regarding his sexuality – yet no confirmation from Bill himself has ever been given regarding these rumors.

Hemmer began dating model Dara Tomanovich in 2005 and could often be seen together at events. They ultimately split in 2013 but haven’t spoken about it since. His net worth stands at approximately $9 Million while he earns approximately $3 Million per year.

After an online shirtless photo of him surfaced, speculation regarding his sexuality increased dramatically. Unfortunately, it turned out to be an edited image featuring Tiger Woods with Bill Hemmer superimposed over it. Bill reported the photo and confirmed his heterosexuality through an article entitled, “Bill Hemmer’s Heterosexuality Breaks Our Nonexistent Hearts”. Since their split, Hemmer hasn’t been romantically linked with anyone and remains silent regarding his dating status – not replying at all when one of his fans inquired as to whether he had one!

He was photographed shirtless

Bill Hemmer is a renowned American journalist. He has contributed to various news programs and won various awards; his charming appearance and hosting skills have won over fans, but there have been rumors regarding his sexual orientation that have raised suspicions among some individuals; despite such speculations, he has stated he is neither gay nor does he have a partner.

Hemmer was in a relationship with Canadian model Dara Tomanovich for approximately eight years before they parted ways in 2013. Since then, Hemmer has remained quiet about any potential relationships he may be in or exploring.

Hemmer recently left viewers of his live TV show shocked when he revealed a photo of his girlfriend during the broadcast. This gesture indicates that Hemmer isn’t gay but instead straight and shows how protective of his personal life he remains, preferring not to put details about any potential relationships out in public view.

He is not gay

Bill Hemmer is an Emmy-award-winning journalist for Fox News Channel. Often mistaken as gay due to assumptions without concrete proof, Hemmer has not addressed these rumors but remains straight and has never married. At Miami University he joined the Delta Tau Delta fraternity before studying at Dolibois European Center Luxembourg


Hemmer has long been one of the top television anchors, known for his large audience and fame in American media. However, his personal relationships are usually kept discreet – so much so that Megyn Kelly was stunned at this revelation on her show! Recently, however, Hemmer surprised everyone by announcing on air that he had taken one of his girlfriends to visit the Empire State Building. Megyn was left speechless.