Super Interesting Facts About Tyla Seethal’s Water Song – 90 Million Views in Spotify


All you should know about the Water Song of Tyla Seethal.

Tyla Seethal, an emerging South African singer-songwriter, has made history by becoming the first female solo artist from her nation to appear on Billboard Hot 100 chart. Her hit song, “Water,” has amassed huge traction on TikTok and in charts worldwide.

Released in July, Tyla Laura Seethal made the song popular upon posting dancing videos of herself to it on TikTok. It combines elements from various genres, such as Afrobeats, pop, and R&B into its melody.

About Tyla’s Origin

EthinicityHer parents hail from Zulu, Indian, Mauritian, and Irish backgrounds. Read more about her Ethnicity here
ParentsMr. and Mrs. Seethal (Parents’ identities have not been publicly revealed). Read more about her parents here
SisterSydney Seethal. Read more about Tyla’s sister here.
Height5 ft 4 inches tall (1.65m).

Tyla Seethal

1. Tyla Seethal’s Water Song – 1st African artist to enter US Billboard Hot 100 Chart

Tyla Seethal is an emerging South African singer and social media star making waves globally. Her breakout single, Water, has taken off worldwide charts and looks set to make history by becoming the first song ever by an African artist to enter the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Tyla Seethal
Tyla Seethal (Twitter)

Released in July, this catchy song quickly gained popularity on TikTok where it inspired a dance challenge which has garnered over 70 million views; additionally, it has made an impression on Spotify and other global music streaming services.

Sammy Soso produced this sensuous and seductive Afrobeats record that blends pop and R&B elements, as Tyla sang of her desire to experience new sensations and emotional landscapes with her lover through water as a metaphor. Its lyrics refer to passion and desire – with lyrics inspired by water as a metaphor referencing Tyla’s desire for experience new sensations with her lover.

Tyla’s success is testament to her talent and drive. She recently opened for Chris Brown during the European leg of his Under the Influence Tour in London and has been featured on Spotify’s RADAR program. Additionally, she made her Milan Fashion Week debut next to Kim Kardashian during Dolce & Gabbana show and is currently working on her debut album with more bangers!

Tyla Seethal achieved global fame after her hit song “Water” was shared over video-sharing website TikTok and reached over 70 million views on YouTube. The song features an iconic dance routine where Tyla shakes her hips and writhes while pouring water down her back while pouring it down onto herself, leading to a popular TikTok dance challenge!

Tyla’s song, which marries R&B and Amapiano music styles popular in South African townships, became increasingly popular following her TikTok posts inspiring dance challenges. Now it has made its way onto Billboard Hot 100 chart for United States; Tyla is making history by becoming the first South African solo artist since Hugh Masekela appeared nearly 55 years ago with “Grazing in the Grass.”

Artist NameTyla Seethal
Breakout Song“Water”
AchievementFirst South African female solo artist to enter the Billboard Hot 100 chart
Music GenreA blend of Afrobeats, pop, and R&B
TikTok Fame“Water” gained popularity on TikTok with a dance challenge and 70M+ views
Spotify SuccessOver 10.7 million monthly Spotify listeners and 445,310 Shazam searches
Career Highlights– Opened for Chris Brown during his European tour.
– Featured on Spotify’s RADAR program.
– Performed during Milan Fashion Week alongside Kim Kardashian.
– Working on her debut album.
Notable AwardsNominated for South African Music Awards.

Tyla has been active on TikTok for years and now boasts over 2.9 million followers on her tyla_ account. Additionally, she maintains a YouTube channel where she posts comedy, lip-sync and singing videos that keep fans entertained with fresh content; often working alongside fans to collaborate on projects together.

3.Tyla Seethal’s Water song’s Spotify numbers are huge

Tyla Seethal has catapulted herself onto the global music scene thanks to her Water song’s remarkable success and is steadily climbing the charts. TikTok dance videos for it have accumulated over 90 million views, and there are 10.7 million monthly Spotify listeners listening every month; over 445,310 times Shazamed as evidence of its appeal!

South African musician is an exceptional artist; her dedication to her craft can be heard through every note she sings. Her musical style blends elements of Amapiano with modern influences to produce an irresistibly catchy sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. Her ability to cross genres and attract an international fan base can be heard throughout her music; Water Song stands as a testament to this talent and unfaltering ambition.

She first rose to stardom with her debut hit single Getting Late featuring Kooldrink in 2021 and signed a record deal with Epic Records a year later. However, Water became widely popular through TikTok dance challenges a year later; not only did it garner fans, but the song earned critical acclaim and nominations for South African Music Awards; Chris Brown invited her as an opener during his European tour, further cementing her success.


Tyla Seethal’s meteoric rise as the first South African female solo artist on the Billboard Hot 100 with her hit “Water” reflects her dynamic talent and global appeal, marking a historic moment in her music career. With TikTok fame, Spotify chart success, and notable collaborations, Tyla’s journey is a testament to her ambition and crossover musical prowess.