IdleOn Rift Expansion – Unlock 2 New Rift Masteries!



The IdleOn Rift Expansion includes new masteries, bosses and quests. Scroll down and find out everything.

IdleOn is a Sandbox and RPG from Lavaflame2. Idleon has top-notch graphics and intense battles. You have to choose your classes like Archers, Mages and Warriors. Travel through the open world, utilize skills and grind all day to progress in the campaign. Join hands with other guilds, explore different worlds and craft resources by fighting monsters.

Idleon is a Massively Multiplayer Online game where you have to pick a class, unlock skills and use potions to overcome monsters. Work together with guilds, grind and unlock new resources. The quests in IdleOn have small objectives and you have to defeat the monsters and world bosses to level up faster. The new Rift Expansion is out for Idleon which also features many gameplay changes.

IdleOn Rift Expansion – Everything You Need to Know

IdleOn Rift Expansion
IdleOn Rift Expansion - Unlock 2 New Rift Masteries! 2

IdleOn Rift Expansion is live and it includes two new Rift Masteries. New quests and boss battles will be available till you reach the Rift 60. Every rift offers unique rewards. You can purchase new items and resources from the Killroy’s shop.

With IdleOn Rift Expansion, you can take on the Hoops challenges and collect unlimited gems. At Rift 51, you can unlock the Killroy Prime. The Sneak Mastery will be available at Rift 56. Also, 5 new Killroy purchases are added to the in-game item shop only in World 2 and you can spend skulls to get them.

The Killroy’s Slaughterhouse also features new challenges and you can tussle against World 5 Mobs in this weekly event challenge. As you reach World 6, you can fight against World 5 Mobs. The World 6 Mobs will appear once you unlock the final world 6 mob.

Completing the first mastery unlocks a new Gemstone in the Sneaking Mastery. This will be another exclusive and a new Rift reward in the IdleOn Rift Expansion. These are all the major contents for Idleon Rift expansion.

IdleOn Rift Expansion – Balance Changes

  • HP of Doors in Sneaking are reduced. For early doors it will be reduced by x1.5 and it will be x20 for the last door
  • Stealth required to not be detected in the Sneaking is reduced. For early floors, it will be x1.5 and for the last floor, it will be x100
  • Total Account LV required to unlock new characters is increased 
  • Jade and Sneaking EXP gain are reduced on some floors

That’s everything you need to know about IdleOn Rift expansion, new content and gameplay changes. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.


Who can Play IdleOn?

Idleon is an action adventure and RPG that’s available for PC and Mobile. Here, you have to pick classes and utilize skill trees to grind resources and unlock magic powers.

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