Idle Angels Tier List April 2022


Check out our Idle Angels Tier List and find out the best characters in the game. Use the god-tier characters in the game to destroy your enemies.

Collect and upgrade your angels, then compete against your friends in battles. Even if you’re not online, your angels will battle on their own. You can easily obtain tremendous equipment and diamonds in this manner. Choose the perfect angel, match the right skills, and outfit yourself with the proper gear. 

Now is the time to start building your “Invincible Fleet” with your knowledge. Idle mode, battle system, adventure tasks, Angel collection, training, and awakening are all available. Encounters, arenas, and guilds are also available. You will not be bored here, believe me. You can also check out our Super String Tier List and Figure Fantasy Tier List. Here is our Idle Angels Tier List.

Idle Angels Tier List

There are many different characters in Idle Angels. Each character have unique abilities and stats that make them useful for every situation. Our Tier List is divided on what role the characters will play. You can select the character for each role using our guide. The tier list will be divided into 4 tiers — 

S Tier – The God Tier Characters in the game. They will absolutely destroy your enemies in whatever mode you choose. These should be on your top priority if you want to beat this particular mode.

A Tier – Fantastic characters with great stats and abilities. You can use these characters with little investment and make them stronger. They just might fall short of the S tier characters.

B Tier – The average characters in the game. You will have to carefully consider if you want invest in them. I recommend using them only if you like the character itself, otherwise sooner or later it will be overshadowed by a top tier one. So if you like the character, you can get a decent one for support.

C Tier – The sub-par of the lot. They are not to be used during the start and midgame. They are not that useful and will be replaced by a better character soon. If you are forced to use them, You will have to work a lot to make them stronger.

D Tier – The absolute worst DO NOT use these characters at all. You will be wasting your time and resources. Use them to troll people with or just as a challenge for experienced players.


(PvP Arena, Glory Arena, Clash of Titans, Clash of Guilds, PvE Sky-tower, Star Trial, World Boss, Abyss)

SIcarus, Hera, Cupid, Storm, Ember, Frost
ARa, Chaos, Himiko, Hades, Enmusubi, Michael, Heimdall
BAmaterasu, Nuwa, Main Angel, Erebus, Valkyrie, Gaia, Zhu Rong, Izu Dancer, Odin, Xmas Angel, Fuxi
CLucifer, Hephaestus, Izanami, Princess Bari
DNemesis, Medusa, Jeanne d’Arc, Idun, Poseidon, Pandora, Nuit
idle angels tier list
The Chaotic Realm of Idle Angels


(Team Buffers, Team Healers)

SHera, Cupid, Nuwa, Enmusubi, Frost
AXmas Angel, Izu Dancer, Main Angel
BHephaestus, Poseidon
CNephthys, Raphael

Dungeon Boss

(Bosses are not affected by any de-buffs)

SStorm, Ra, Cupid, Hera, Heimdall, Himiko, Zhu Rong, Odin
AIcarus, Hades, Lucifer, Gaia, Erebus, Valkyrie, Main Angel, Ember
BIdun, Phantasos, Jeanne d’Arc, Hephaestus, Princess Bari, Izanami
CMedusa, Nike, Geb, Belldandy, Xiwangmu, Anubis, ApepFuxi, Jeanne d’Arc, Nemesis, Geb, Raphael, Sif, Anubis, Nephthys
Idle angels characters
Different characters in Idle Angels

This was our Idle Angels Character Tier List. You can select the best characters in the game using our guide. But players should use the characters that they like and actually enjoy playing. You can download Idle Angels from the App Store and the Google Play Store

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