WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan has confirmed that he wants ‘one more match’ inside of a WWE ring. The ‘Hulkster’ spoke to a YouTube channel based in Saudi Arabia around the Crown Jewel event and stated as such.

“Yeah, I’ve been talking to Vince McMahon,” Hogan stated, talking about a possible return. “History is very important to me. I’ve had a very long career. And part of my career was with a very, very small company and a very gracious lady named Dixie Carter at TNA. I actually had my last match there. That’s hard for me to live with. I want my last match to be in the WWE.”

Hulk Hogan made further comment, saying “so, I’ve been pushing and negotiating very hard and I’m getting very, very healthy again. I’m in good shape, I’m a little bit under 300 pounds, maybe 295 pounds, and I’m getting ready. I’m going to have one little teeny surgery on my back. It’ll take me a couple of months to recover, but I’ve got my eyes focused on WrestleMania.”

It will be interesting to see if WWE opts to use The ‘Immortal’ Superstar for one more match in the company. After a difficult couple of years following his trial with Gawker. Hulk Hogan has once again found himself in the WWE fold.

If WWE were to allow and clear Hogan for one more match it is more likely to take place in Saudi Arabia.

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