How to Reroll in Eversoul – Top 5 Characters You Should Get (February 2023)



Every gacha game enthusiast knows that you need to reroll to get the best characters. So here is how you can reroll in Eversoul.

Eversoul, the latest mobile gacha RPG has finally been released. As the game’s name says, Souls are the Heroes. The game’s story is all about Souls vs Evil Monsters. You need to summon your Soul, as there is an umpteen number of Souls in Eversoul, you won’t have much trouble in pulling one. You need to pull the best soul during the Reroll process before starting to play the game. Just like other Gacha games, every user in Eversoul loves to summon top-tier SSR characters and heroes. Ayame, Rebecca, Violette, Erusha, and Flynn are some of the prominent and most powerful characters in Eversoul.

Kakao Games has just launched the game, and many players are still looking for the best Reroll Guide. Before you begin gaming, here we will share the Reroll guide along with the Top 5 characters in the game. Here’s our reroll guide and the best characters to pull in Eversoul.

Eversoul Reroll
Eversoul Characters

Eversoul Reroll Guide

Every Gacha game requires Reroll, here’s how you can complete the process in Eversoul easily.

  • Download Eversoul and launch it on your device
  • Log in as a guest 
  • Complete the tutorial and prologue
  • Roll for SSR Soul. If you are not satisfied with the character pulled, delete your account and then begin the entire process from the beginning.
  • If you get the desired character, bind and link your official account and continue playing Eversoul

That’s how you can perform Reroll in Eversoul. Eversoul offers you 10 characters, out of these a couple of characters are SSR and the most powerful.

Eversoul – Top 5 Characters You Should Get

After re-rolling, you can embark on a new journey in the game. Here are the best and top 5 characters to use in Eversoul. Additionally, you can also pull these 5 top characters in reroll process.


Cherrie of the Human Faction and a Ranger Class character is one of the best heroes to use in Eversoul. She is also an excellent DPS and tank, you can go with Cherrie as your primary character in the Reroll process for Eversoul. Cherrie, the Sparkling Pistol is a ranged character. Cherrie, hailing from the Kingdom of Troyca, is always known for her jovial character, as she always sports a smile. An experienced pirate who knows every sea route.

The Epic rarity character has two special skills named High Spirits and Fire Kiss. Cherrie deals explosive damage by throwing an alcohol bottle and can inflict burn on your enemies with these two skills. Cherrie’s only weakness is that she always drinks alcohol and doesn’t like the Octopus. Cherrie’s hobby is collecting corks. Overall, Cherrie is a powerful tank in Eversoul that can be the best option in Eversoul.


The powerful demon soul from Gaon, Ayame is one of the most expected souls in Eversoul. The epic soul belongs to the Caster class. Ayame is all set to overcome the misfortune that she’s been experiencing for years. The demon girl thinks she’s cursed and doesn’t have luck. Ayame is all set to break her bad luck streaks with her powerful skills. Her two skills Flowers Blooming in Darkness and Sharpened Shadows will allow her to come out from the mirror and deal damage. The primary skills can also inflict blood on the enemies who are down. Ayame loves to read flower fortune. Ayame is a top-tier character in Eversoul that everyone loves to pull during the Reroll process.


The immortal spring from the undead Faction is an entertaining soul in Eversoul. She loves fashion and flaunts it everywhere. The Ranger soul from the undead Faction doesn’t love the old men. Rebecca is actually an older soul, but she doesn’t reveal her age, as she loves to lie about the same. Rebecca has two different skills, Yellow Poison, and Purple Death, these two skills allow her to release a yellow-colored poisonous gas that can negate opponents’ attacks and HP.


The Beast girl Mica is an incredible tank with great damage stats and HP. The Epic girl belongs to the striker class. She sings, dances, and loves to give away autographs to her fans. Mica is often seen eating orange candy, which is her favorite. She has a long rivalry with her counterpart Seeha. Mica boasts two unique skills, one is the Music Stars, and the next is Star Light Stage. Both skills of Mica will deal massive damage, and if the opponent is Seeha, the damage will be even more higher. A piece of guitar music plays whenever her skills are activated.


The Epic Undead soul Jacqueline is the next character from our list. The Striker class girl in Eversoul is an artificial soil, she’s come out after years of isolation and trauma. Jacqueline is always series, unlike her friends. Jacqueline loves functional oil, she also loves small screws. Tactic Burst Harpoon, her basic skill is just enough to prove her prowess. Her basic skill creates an explosion on the ground that doesn’t allow the opponents to spot her, and during this short duration, you can deal massive damage and reduce the HP of her opponents. Overall, Jacqueline is a powerful soul, and her skills will get better with every character level upgrade in Eversoul.

Pull your favorite SSR soul by checking our guide. Use these top 5 characters from Eversoul to get the best results in the game’s battles.

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