How to Get Saga’s Shotgun in Alan Wake 2?



Unlocking Saga’s Shotgun in Alan Wake 2 requires a key. So, find everything about the weapon’s locations, puzzle, and more.

Alan Wake 2, the survival horror adventure is back again. Embark on another journey as Alan and Saga Anderson. Alan is trapped inside in a horror world for 13 years. The novelist starts to write another horror story and this time it’s based on Saga Anderson, the FBI agent. You have to switch between two worlds and stories and discover hints to save both heroes.

Players can use weapons and skills to survive threats in the environment. Both Alan and Saga Anderson will get access to different types of weapons like firearms, shotguns, rifles and explosives. Shotguns have been the best weapons in the Alan Wake franchise. If you want to explore more hints about Alan, then you can play as Saga and start your campaign as an FBI agent. So, find the best Alan Wake 2 shotguns for Saga Anderson and ways to procure them.

Saga’s Shotgun in Alan Wake 2 – Guide, Locations & Walkthrough

Every weapon is found in different locations. For Saga, you can primarily equip shotguns as they boast incredible stats. Here’s how to get Saga’s shotgun in Alan Wake 2.

Saga's Shotgun in Alan Wake 2

Sawed-Off Shotgun

As you kickstart your campaign, you can reach the General Store near Cauldron Lake. Once you reach the second chapter, you will gain access to this area and the shotgun. Now, you have to solve a puzzle to unlock the weapon case. You can find clues and hints for puzzles near the cash register and lottery ticket. And the solution to unlock the case is “739”. Enter the code and unlock the first powerful shotgun called Sawed-Off.

Pump-Action Shotgun 

Saga's Shotgun in Alan Wake 2

To unlock this, you have to reach chapter 6 in the game’s campaign. Travel to Sheriff’s Station which is south of Bright Falls. Complete tasks in this zone and head to the Sheriff Tim Breaker’s office near the desk. To get access to this area, you have to collect keys. Enter inside and collect the shotgun from the case that’s on a wall. Unlock the case by entering the right solution (723) and exit the zone.

These are the two Shotguns for Saga Anderson in Alan Wake 2. As the story progresses, you can unlock more Shotguns by solving puzzles. Every puzzle requires unique codes to unlock weapon cases. Saga gets access to Shotguns, Pistols, Rifles and Crossbows. You can unlock every weapon in a new chapter.

Shotguns work in range and have the best damage stats. Saga needs these types of weapons to overcome challenges in the mysterious world. Her playing style is totally different, so you have to equip every weapon and use the ones that suit her.

That’s everything you need to know about unlocking Saga’s shotgun in Alan Wake 2. Complete the playthroughs and save Alan Wake from nightmares. The game is out for PlayStation 5, PC and Xbox Series X/S.


Is Alan Wake 2 Out for Nintendo Switch?

No, as of now, Alan Wake 2 is not released for Nintendo Switch. The game has only been launched for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. You can expect an update regarding the same in the coming weeks.

Is Alan Wake 2 Multiplayer?

No, Alan Wake 2 is a single player horror adventure game. But you have to play as two characters Alan and Saga and explore different worlds to complete stories. Both characters have different stories and you have to solve puzzles and overcome challenges.

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