How to Get Counter-Strike 2 Beta Access?



Counter-Strike 2 Beta is live and here is how you can join it and get early access to it out. Find out more here!

Counter-Strike 2 is all set for a grand launch this summer. Before its official release, the developers Valve surprised fans with an unexpected Limited Test Beta. Counter-Strike 2 Beta is live and will be available for a long time. Counter-Strike 2 is coming with new features, enhanced maps and locations, a gripping story, and more. Fans need not wait for a long time to witness all these as the developers have launched the beta and you can get access to primary features and mechanics in this limited test run which will also be available for a while.

Before getting access to the beta, players need to register and sign-up for the same. Only limited players are eligible for CS2 limited test beta run. You can explore in-game modes, maps, and weapons during the limited beta run. Those players who are eligible for CS2 will also get a notification on the CS:GO menu. Here’s how you can get access to the CS 2 Beta version. 

Counter-Strike 2 Beta – All You Need to Know

Not all can participate in the beta. Only those players who are eligible will get an instant notification on the main menu of CS:GO. If you were banned earlier, you won’t be getting any notifications. Once you get the invitation, you can proceed to “Enroll” and download the beta of CS2. Unlike other games, CS2 developers have not given access to all players for a limited test beta. Everyone can simply check on their main menu to see if there’s an invite for Counter-Strike 2 beta access. If not, you can wait until the game’s official full version release in the summer.

These are the steps to join Counter-Strike 2 Beta run. Those who are eligible will be able to enjoy limited features like Deathmatch and Unranked competitive matchmaking on the Dust 2 map. You can also get access to limited maps, weapons, locations, and more content. The next set of CS2 limited runs will give you access to more features.

XP points that you earn in the beta will also carry over to CS:GO.  If there’s any bug or error in Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test, you can also email [email protected] immediately. More players will be eligible for future CS 2 beta runs.

When Will Counter-Strike 2 Release?

As of now, the developers Valve has only confirmed a 2023 summer release for Counter-Strike 2. An official confirmed release date for Counter-Strike 2 will be expected in the coming days. Till then you can enjoy playing CS:GO and those who have access to CS 2 beta can explore the new features and content.  

That’s everything you need to know about Counter-Strike 2 Beta Limited Test run and procedures to join the same. We will come back with more Counter-Strike 2 updates and guides soon.

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