How to Get Bankai in Project Mugetsu?



Bankai is a new skill in Roblox Project Mugetsu. Check our guide to find out the steps to get access to this powerful skill.

Project Mugetsu is an anime-fighting RPG in Roblox. There are many heroes with fighting skills and magical powers. Every day, you have to complete new quests to unlock every magical skill. Bankai is an incredible ability that can be used on all heroes. With Bankai skill, you can attack your enemies in a short time.

Before you can unlock Bankai, you need to complete quests. There are also other requirements that you need to achieve to get access to Bankai skills. Doing all these and defeating Zanpakuto at the end will get you the skill.

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To unlock a new race or any skills in Project Mugetsu, there will be several requirements like completing quests, reaching levels, and earning XP points. To obtain Bankai, you must play for a long time and reach certain levels. Here’s how you can unlock the Roblox Project Mugetsu Bankai skill easily.

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Steps to Unlock Bankai Skill in Roblox Project Mugetsu

The path to unlocking Bankai ability is longer. Here are the requirements to get access to the amazing Bankai skill,

Project Mugetsu Bankai
  • Make sure that you are playing as a Soul Reaper in the game. You can complete NPC Kisuke quests by getting them in Karakura. Acquire the quest and beat a Hollow to become a Soul Reaper
  • Next, you need to unlock Senkaimon skill by playing as a soul reaper and get access to Soul Society. Also, make sure your mastery level is 5 or above.
  • Finally, with Shikai skill and meditation level 50, you need to fight against Zanpakuto and win the battle to get access to the Bankai skill.

These are the steps to unlock Bankai skill. Follow these to complete the evolution of Soul Reaper to a Bankai in Project Mugetsu. First Unlock the soul reaper skill, then get to the soul society realm. Then, you can unlock the Shikai skill, reach meditation level 50, and fight against Zanpakuto to unlock the special skill.

How to Play Roblox Project Mugetsu?

Bankai Ability
Bankai Skill

Roblox Project Mugetsu is a new anime action RPG from the makers of Osiris Productions. A 3D fighting game that’s based on the Bleach manga series. A unique anime game that has user-generated gameplay elements, mechanics, and experiences. Project Mugetsu has different features and content. There are heroes, clans, and races from different factions. Complete daily quests and challenges. Project Mugetsu has three different maps and you can take a boat and explore all islands and seas. 

You need to meet NPCs in Karakura Town and other locations to unlock quests. Complete new quests to get access to free Mastery, Skills, Boosts, and more rewards. Project Mugetsu is an amazing anime-action RPG adventure game in Roblox and you will love the game just like other popular anime games on the platform. Project Mugetsu is a free-to-play game and you can play on both Mobile and PC.

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