Here is our guide to find all the Legendary Spells in Elden Ring. These are some powerful spells to add to your arsenal and collecting them all will even get you an achievement!

Elden Ring’s magic is comparable to that of previous FromSoftware games, and you can improve it even more with legendary spells. Whether you pick Incantations or Sorceries, you’ll find that these spells are surprisingly effective against late-game bosses. These are extremely powerful spells that no one can teach you. Rather, players must beat specific bosses or monsters, get access to unique regions, or obtain them through NPC quest lines.

To be able to use these spells, you’ll need to invest heavily in improving your stats. As a result, unless you spend many hours grinding runes, you won’t be able to use all of them in one session. So you need to carefully consider your build and invest accordingly. 

Legendary Spells in Elden Ring

Where To Find Flame Of The Fell God

After defeating Godrick northwest of the Stormveil Castle exit, you’ll arrive at the Liurnia of the Lakes Shore site of grace. Ride up with your mount and reach the Malefactor’s Evergaol using the nearby gust of wind. To obtain the Flame of the Fell God spell, defeat Adan, Thief of Fire.

Where To Find Founding Rain Of Stars

You’ll need to unlock Heretical Rise in Mountaintops of the Giants to learn this spell. You’ll have to cross an invisible bridge that crosses a nearby ravine to get there. The white mist that covers the area will guide you down the safe route. Founding Rain of Stars can be found in a chest in the Heretical Rise tower’s uppermost room.

Elden Ring Gameplay
Elden Ring Gameplay

Where To Find Greyoll’s Roar

Greyoll is a tough boss who can be located near Fort Faroth in Caelid. The boss fight will require you to defeat multiple smaller dragons who surround Greyoll and are connected to its health. After defeating the Greyoll, proceed to the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in southwestern Caelid, where you can now purchase Greyoll’s Roar for three Dragon Hearts.

Where To Find Comet Azur

Comet Azur can be obtained from Mt. Gelmir by talking to Primeval Sorcerer Azur outside the Volcano Manor. Follow the path past the volcano to Seethewater Terminus, then head south beyond the lava lake to the Craftman’s Shack, starting at the ravine at Wyndham Ruins. You can get to the Hermit Village from here. Primeval Sorcerer Azur can be found near the cliffs to the north of the settlement. To get the Comet Azur spell, interact with him.

Where To Find Elden Stars

Reach the Ancestral Woods from Nokron, which should be unlocked by defeating Starscourge Radahn, and locate an underground path to a pair of Gargoyle bosses. After defeating the boss, use the coffin to enter the Deeproot Depths. To get to the ant cavern, carefully move on the tree limb from the initial place of grace. The incantation spell can be found in the ant nest’s far end.

Comet Azur Spell in Elden Ring
Comet Azur Spell in Elden Ring

Where To Find Ranni’s Dark Moon

Chelona’s Rise, on the southwest part of the Moonlight Altar plateau, is where the sorcery spell can be found. The tower is locked, and you must locate three ghost turtles to open it. One can be found just north of the tower on the cliffs. To hit it, you’ll need a bow. Another can be found on a ledge beneath the southeast corner cliff. Near the Evergaol in the northwest corner, the last one is flying over the gust of wind. To hit it, ride your mount into the wind. You can return and receive the spell once Chelona’s Rise has been unlocked.

Where To Find Stars Of Ruin

You must first obtain the Comet Azur spell. Go to Sorceress Sellen in Limgrave’s Waypoint Ruins and show her the Comet Azur spell. She will give you an item called Sellian Sealbreaker

Then travel to Sellen Hideaway to the south of Fort Faroth, Caelid. Attack the wall behind the sorcerer on the cliff behind the graveyard to expose a hidden entrance to Sellen Hideaway. Continue on through the dungeon until you reach a magical sealed door. With the Sealbreaker key item, unlock the door. To obtain this spell, interact with Lusat.

You should obtain the Legendary Sorceries and Incantations accomplishment on Xbox or a trophy on PlayStation if you’ve acquired all seven spells. It’s required if you want to complete the game completely, so it’s well worth the time and effort.

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