How to Find Hop Flowers in Fortnite Wilds


Fortnite Wilds Hop Flowers can be very beneficial for you in the jungle. So, collect it quickly and learn how to use it effectively.

Fortnite’s latest season, titled Fortnite WILDS, takes players into a vibrant jungle environment. With the introduction of new Points of Interest and a lush biome, players can now explore a variety of flora and fauna. Among the new additions is the Hop Flower, an intriguing component with practical uses for those who encounter it. In this guide, we will give you the details of locating and using the Fortnite Wilds Hop Flowers.


Locating Fortnite Wilds Hop Flowers in the Jungle Biome

To begin your Hop Flower quest, you must venture into the jungle biome, where these unique flowers are exclusively found. The new POIs within the jungle biome, including Creeky Compound, Rumble Ruins, and Shady Slits, are excellent starting points for your search. These areas are full of Fortnite Wilds Hop Flowers, adding an element of discovery to your gameplay.

Furthermore, exploring the overgrown regions at the borders of these locations will increase your chances of finding Hop Flowers. Keep an eye out for areas with dense vegetation, where the flowers tend to flourish. Often, Hop Flowers can be spotted near tall trees and cliffs, as they thrive in these specific environments.

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Use Hop Flowers for Aerial Mobility

Once you have successfully located a Fortnite Wilds Hop Flower, you can harness its unique abilities to achieve high-flying mobility. Similar to the Hop Rocks introduced in Chapter 1, Hop Flowers can launch players into the air, allowing for thrilling aerial maneuvers. To activate this feature, simply jump on the bright yellow bulb of the flower.

The key advantage of using Fortnite Wilds Hop Flowers is the ability to land safely without receiving fall damage. This proves particularly beneficial in the jungle biome, where towering trees often serve as vantage points but pose challenges when it comes to descending safely. By utilizing Hop Flowers, players can navigate these heights with ease and confidence.

Hop Flowers on Trees for Safe Descents

In addition to their presence on the ground, Fortnite Wilds Hop Flowers can also be found growing on trees within the jungle biome. Spotting one of these flowers on a neighboring tree provides an alternative option for players seeking a safe descent. By jumping onto the Hop Flower attached to a tree, players can gracefully return to the ground without fear of fall damage.

This feature becomes especially valuable in the Zero Build mode, where players lack the ability to construct their own structures. In such scenarios, navigating to higher platforms or safely descending from elevated positions can be challenging. However, with the presence of Hop Flowers on nearby trees, players can overcome these obstacles with strategic use of the environment.

Fortnite flowers
Fortnite flowers


In conclusion, the Fortnite Wilds update introduces the attractive Hop Flowers, adding an exciting layer of gameplay to the jungle biome. By understanding their locations and leveraging their abilities, players can enjoy enhanced mobility and safe descents from elevated positions. Whether you’re exploring the new POIs or venturing through the overgrown areas, keep an eye out for these vibrant Hop Flowers to raise your Fortnite experience.

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