How to Find Heal Eggs in Fortnite?



Heal Eggs are consumables in Fortnite that you can use to gain back some health. Check our guide to find out the best locations to get heal eggs.

The Fortnite Spring Breakout event is live. Many quests and weapons have been unvaulted and players can get them by completing quests in the spring event. Fortnite V24.10 update unleashed chickens, eggs, and egg launcher weapons to the game. You can obtain all these as rewards. Heal eggs are the latest addition to Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 and you can get them as rewards by completing quests.  Heal eggs are consumables and they spawn rarely. 

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These heal eggs will heal you and give extra healing points in Fortnite Mega season quests. The uncommon Heal Eggs are rare to find and can instantly heal around 10 HP. Chickens lay these eggs and you need to wait for a long time to get one. To those who are looking for heal eggs in Fortnite, here’s our guide to find and obtain heal eggs.

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Best Ways to Get Fortnite Heal Eggs

There are a couple of options to get your hands on these heal eggs. You can explore these places and follow these steps to obtain heal eggs. 

Fortnite heal eggs
  • The glowing Purple chickens lay heal eggs. You can explore them in every spot. If there are none, you can wait for some time as they spawn regularly. Also defeat other players with a weapon.
  • You can complete quests in the spring breakout event and hunt chickens. You will get heal eggs along with other eggs as rewards.
  • You need to find chickens in and around the island. You can search for them in all biomes including forests, plains, grass, farms, and other places. You can also find them in buildings, snow regions, and ruins.
  • Green chickens spawn rarely. You need to wait and look for one. Green chickens lay a couple of heal eggs. You can wait for a minute and get them.

These are the best locations to find and get Fortnite heal eggs. Heal eggs are effective consumables that can heal you during missions. Heal eggs are also required to complete other quests in the Fortnite Spring Breakout event. The spring event will be live for a couple of days and you can unlock more rewards and consumable items by completing every new quest. Along with Heal Eggs, you can find Hop and Golden eggs in the same locations. You can also get them from chickens. Just like Heal Eggs, both Hop and Golden eggs have several effects and you can utilize them during missions.

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That’s everything you need to know about finding heal eggs in Fortnite. We will come back with more Fortnite updates and guides soon.

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