How to Find Diablo Immortal’s Secret Lairs, Rooms


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Uncovering Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs and Zone Events

So many rewards are up for grabs!

Have you ever received a notification that ‘A Hidden Lair has opened’ while farming Diablo Immortal Items? These mini-dungeons provide opportunities to earn more Normal Gems. However, the difficulty is in the name. They’re hidden. With a name like that, you can expect that it won’t be easy to find them.

Here are a few tips for finding them. Of course, the easier way is to search the internet for their locations, but where’s the fun in that?

How to Find Diablo Immortal Hidden Lairs

First, to find Hidden Lairs, you must know what they are. They’re entrances that act like a dungeon with their own objectives and bonus tasks. At the end of the ‘dungeon,’ a mini-boss waits. Hidden Lairs may be done solo, but teams can do them faster and more efficiently.

Sometimes, after defeating the boss, an orange portal can appear. It leads to a deeper floor of the instance with stronger enemies and more rewards to earn.

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Second, you must know the circumstances when they appear. As mentioned, when one spawns, there’s a notification saying so. Entrances blend into the background, revealing themselves when you go near it by glowing blue or yellow. At that point, the map marks the lair. However, they despawn 10 minutes after the notification, so start them before expiration.

Not to say that they’ll disappear in the middle of completing it. Once someone enters the instance, they have all the time to complete the objectives and tasks it gives them. Still, nobody else can enter after a team or player starts it.

So here are the tips for finding the hidden entrances:

Explore the area thoroughly. Observe visual cues that could be a Hidden Lair. Knowing the entrance locations lets you plan an inspection route that passes all possible openings. There are set locations, but it’s random which ones open at which times. This is made more convenient by looking at map guides.

A different method is to create a team. Each member will spread out in the area and check the entrances around them. This is faster than doing things yourself and won’t risk using up its 10 minutes of existence. The downside of this method is it’s only possible in Hell 1 difficulty and above.

If you missed the Hidden Lair, it will be back soon enough. It’s impossible to grab each one you encounter. Don’t be disappointed, and keep trying.

Number of Hidden Lair Entrances in Each Area

Hidden Lair entrances have fixed spawn locations, but the ones that open are random, to reiterate. There’s no way to predict which one opens, so you’ll have to check each place. Well, for some zones, they’re grouped together, which makes things easy, but others have them spaced apart.

Here are the number of entrances per zone:

  • Ashwold Cemetery: 18
  • Dark Wood: 10
  • Shassar Sea: 9
  • Library of Zoltun Kulle: 8
  • Bilefen: 10
  • Mount Zavain: 7
  • Frozen Tundra: 10
  • Realm of Damnation: 10

As you can see, Ashwold Cemetery has the most number of Hidden Lairs. If you’re going solo, this is the least recommended map to farm Normal Gems for your on. However, the competition can be fierce when there are so few entrances to fight over.

Zone Events Guide

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Scheduled Events

These events regularly come as they are scheduled. This makes it easy to join in and prepare for. There are four Zone Events, each one in its specific area.

12 PMDemon GatesDemon GatesHaunted CarriageAncient NightmareDemon GatesAncient NightmareHaunted Carriage
8:30 PMDemon GatesDemon GatesHaunted CarriageAncient NightmareDemon GatesAncient NightmareHaunted Carriage
9:30 PMAncient ArenaAncient ArenaAncient ArenaAncient Arena
10 PMDemon GatesDemon GatesHaunted CarriageAncient NightmareDemon GatesAncient NightmareHaunted Carriage

Diablo Immortal – Ancient Arena

On the specified time and day, a chest appears in the Proving Grounds in Bilefen. The event ends when a player opens it up, though that would be after staying alive in a PvP battle royale match. Make sure to get your PvP gear in place before tackling this event! You can participate solo or in a group.

Ancient Nightmare Diablo Immortal

It’s a more straightforward event because you have to defeat the boss to clear it. What makes it complicated is disabling its shield to make it vulnerable. Its defenses also emit a decaying aura that damages players caught within it. You’ll need to activate altars along the boss’s patrol path in Mount Zavain to stun and render its shields useless.

However, to activate an altar, you’ll need a Zakarum Sigil. You can get those by defeating Lord Martanos, who has a 30-minute respawn timer. This can be done outside the usual event schedule, so stock up before participating!

Demon Gates

These gates appear in the Realm of Damnation at random locations. Only three or more players can activate one to defeat the demon inside. Players can earn rewards thrice a day, with special prizes when they do so. Team up and defeat those demons!

Haunted Carriage

In the Ashwold Cemetery, a Ghostly Carriage will spawn and go about a set route. It will stop, summon undead guards, then continue on its way at specific spots. After a few breaks, the Tax Collector will appear. Players must defeat him to get the rewards.

The stops might give some items as rewards, but the real prize is the Enchanted Dust you get by defeating the Tax Collector. You can even repeat this event by changing difficulties!

Unscheduled Events

These events don’t have a set schedule and can be done more or less at any time. It depends on the mechanics of the event and what you have to do to activate them.

Lost Artifacts

Sometimes, you get a Mysterious Scroll after defeating mobs of enemies in the Shassar Sea. You can only have one of these scrolls in your inventory, so you can’t stock up on them. Go to Calim at Tabri’s Encampment for your reward.

Kulle’s Secret Chamber

In the Library of Zoltan Kulle, you can collect 5 pages to create a Portal Tome. Opening the tome opens a portal to a secret room with various challenges. It also has the chance of spawning the Hydra. Possible challenge rooms are:

  • Crate Room: destroy all boxes
  • Countdown: defeat as many enemies as you can before time runs out
  • Ebony Construct: defeat the golem. It uses a random ability every time you encounter it.

The Hydra is meant to be a raid boss, but it’s possible to solo it if there’s no one around. If you wake the boss, you have about 3 minutes to get to its position before it spawns. Watch out, though, because other players see the same pages as you do, and they can steal them from you.

Call of the Ancients

While farming at the Frozen Tundra, you’ll sometimes get Ancient Essence. Each one contributes to a progress bar that, when filled, summons the Ancient Spirit. This is an event better done on the side and not your singular focus. If you have other objectives in the area, you can just keep an eye on the progress bar and jump in when the spirit appears.

Enjoy These Events!

While they’re no , the rewards from these challenges are still valuable. From Enchanted Dust to Normal Gems, you have no reason to skip out on doing them. Have fun and grab those rewards because it can be a long wait for the next opportunity.

Keep on playing Diablo Immortal!