How can you download and play PC games for free and that too legally?

Buying and playing games can be expensive. Downloading games from torrents is illegal and have certain limitations. So what are the options available to get free games legally? Let’s dive into it.

Some games can be very expensive and especially the newer releases will have sky-high prices. The games are absolutely worth it but in financially tough times, gaming can be very pricey.

This is a problem which is faced by many people. Since our love for playing games starts at a young age, the first few years can be tough as the players don’t have a source of income. Like-minded gamers have found solutions for this problem and have created ways to get games legally. Here is how you can download and play games for free legally. 

How To Download and Play PC Games for Free legally

1. Epic Games

This is a very popular platform for playing games like Fortnite, Rocket League and GTA V. But they also give out two free games every week. The games are changed every week and you can check the free games on their store page. Epic Games caused quite a stir in the gaming community when they gave away GTA V for free.

The free games offered by Epic is an attempt to compete with the gaming giant Steam. While the games offered might not be the ones you want but you can add them to your library nonetheless, you can check once every couple of weeks as they also give you a preview of the free games that will available. In the past, Epic Games has given away games such as Watchdogs 2, Batman Arkham Series, Hitman and Grand Theft Auto 5. 

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Epic Games

2. GOG

GOG is another digital distribution platform that offers man free games. It is owned by CD Projekt, the developers of games like Cyberpunk and The Witcher series. GOG offers a variety of DRM free video games.

The benefit of getting DRM free games is that the games are not linked to your GOG account. If Steam ever shuts down(God forbid) you will lose access to all of your Steam library. But since the GOG games are DRM free you will not have this problem there. They have some of the best retro games available which you can play for free. They also offer some of the newer games. GOG is another game client which is trying to compete with Steam and Epic Games. This competition benefits us in the form of free games.

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It getting easy to develop and produce games which have given a rise to a lot of indie games. Indie games are developed by a small developer team or in some cases even a single person. The indie games have improved a lot.

More players are developing an attraction to these well-crafted games which are made with love rather than to just rake in profits like some companies which shell out the same game every year with a few changes *cough EA cough*.

Itch is a platform for all indie games. You can try out lakhs of indie games which are freely available here. 

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4. Steam

Steam is the best gaming client available right now and almost every player has used it in the past. They have a vast library of free games which are absolutely amazing. With Epic Games gaining such popularity Steam has added more free games to their collection.

Team Fortress 2, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike Global Offensive are some of the fan favourites. They occasionally release free games which you can add to your library and play them later. 

If you have a Steam account, you may want to have a look at your inventory. You can sell the items that you don’t use and use that money to buy some games during the sale. 

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5. Reddit

You can find an amazing community of gamers on Reddit. The subreddits like FreeGameFindings and FreeGamesOn Steam have a quarter-million members who share their findings of free games daily.

You can get free games and other DLC material for free. Developers who are looking for beta testers also post their requests. The community is massive and will be always ready to help you. 

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These are some of the places where you can get free games legally. Pirating games is illegal and also harms the developers as they are unable to produce more games. You can get the games legally and enjoy them to their full potential. 

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