How to Craft the Spinning Wheel in Valheim?



You can easily craft a Spinning Wheel in Valheim by following the tips and steps in our guide. Find out the best uses of a Spinning Wheel here.

Valheim is a brutal survival and exploration game from the team of Coffee Stain Publishing and Iron Gate AB. The plot takes place in purgatory that’s also inspired by Viking Culture. You can travel across the Tenth World and explore the seas, islands, forests, and other mysterious locations. Defeat enemies, unlock new stories, and get resources to craft items. You need to unlock stories and quests to acquire more resources and rewards. Players can craft weapons, items, armor, tools, and ships for battles. You can play with 10 players in a single server.

Combat is stamina based and you can utilize different moves and attacks to defeat enemies. Build your base and upgrade them with Viking Longhouses. There are many boss fights and challenges. You require various items to upgrade your armor and weapons. The Spinning Wheel is an essential item that can be used to upgrade armor and other items. Here are the best ways to craft and unlock Spinning Wheel in Valheim along with tips to use it.

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Valheim Spinning Wheel – Steps to Craft

The first requirement to craft a spinning wheel is to kill the Moder dragon boss. A Spinning Wheel can also be used to craft Linen Thread. Here’s how to craft it.

Make sure to have an Artisan Table. You can craft it by defeating the Moder boss and getting access to Dragon Tears. Then the materials required to craft a spinning wheel are x20 Fine Wood, x10 Iron Nails, and x5 Leather Scraps.

Valheim Spinning Wheel
Spinning Wheel

Fine Wood can be crafted as drops from Birch trees in Meadows and Plains. You can use an axe to damage and get the required items. Iron Nails can be crafted from Forges base using Iron Ingot. Finally, you can get Leather Scraps from chests in the Meadows biome. You can also get them boars and bats. Muddy scrap pile is another source to mine Leather Scraps.

Gather all these items and you can finally craft a spinning wheel. Then, you can look for Flax in the Fuling Villages POI of Plains Biome. Using Flax, you can convert them into Linen Threads. Linen Threads are materials and items that you can use to upgrade weapons and gears including armor and other defensive items in the game.

That’s how you can craft a spinning wheel in Valheim. Follow these steps and craft the item. Spinning Wheel is primarily used to craft Linen Threads and it can give you the best defense in battles and boss fights. Linen Threads are also used to craft many items like Blackmetal Atgeir, Linen Cape, Porcupine Mace, Padded Helmet, Lux Saddle, and more items.

With a Spinning Wheel in your inventory, you can improve your weapon and armor stats. This will help you to avoid incoming attacks and improve your performance in the game’s battles. Spinning Wheel is an excellent addition that helps you to progress faster in the game.

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