How to complete GTA Online On Parade Mission


Want to unlock secret rewards? Master the GTA Online On Parade Mission with the best tips and tricks. Dominate the skies and get your rewards.

In Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online, the San Andreas Mercenaries DLC has brought forth a thrilling new mission called “On Parade.” This guide will provide you with a walkthrough to successfully complete the mission and unlock the F-160 Raiju combat aircraft. 

How to complete GTA Online On Parade Mission

To kickstart the GTA Online On Parade mission, you must first return to the Mammoth Avenger’s Operations Terminal after completing the “Falling In” Project Overthrow job. Once you’re ready to take to the skies, proceed to one of the Hangars located at Fort Zancudo.

Before you soar through the air in the F-160 Raiju, make sure to familiarize yourself with its controls and capabilities. Enter the fighter plane and listen as Charlie Reed provides you with the mission’s objectives.

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Stealth Mode and the Raton Canyon Challenge

Your first task is to fly through the treacherous Raton Canyon in Blaine County. Beware of the Merryweather Air Defense Systems scattered throughout the canyon. To navigate undetected, activate the Raiju’s Stealth Mode by pressing the designated button in the top-left corner of the GTA Online interface. Fly low through the canyon, skillfully evading the air defenses, and emerge triumphantly on the other side.

Once you’ve cleared the canyon, it’s time to demonstrate the F-160 Raiju’s maneuverability. Follow the on-screen guide to perform thrilling loops, rolls, and other aerial acrobatics. Showcase your piloting skills and impress Charlie with your mastery of the aircraft’s capabilities.

Prepare for a real challenge where you’ll engage in target practice while airborne. Destroy the floating targets colored gold, red, blue, and white. Each target carries a different point value, ranging from 10 to 1, following the order mentioned. Engaging in this exercise will familiarize you with the F-160 Raiju’s weapons system and enhance your combat skills.

Merryweather’s Forces

As the mission intensifies, you’ll face off against a squadron of Merryweather aircraft in a thrilling dogfight. Use everything you’ve learned during the training mission to outsmart and eliminate enemies. Brace yourself for an epic showdown against the formidable Mammoth Avenger, the pride of Merryweather’s fleet. To gain an advantage, switch to the Raiju’s VTOL mode, allowing you to hover and aim precisely at the opposing aircraft.

Once you’ve neutralized all Merryweather Agents and emerged victorious from the aerial battle, it’s time to land the combat aircraft at the designated spot in Fort Zancudo. Execute a smooth landing, showcasing your piloting skill and completing the mission with style. By accomplishing the GTA Online On Parade mission, you’ll unlock the highly sought-after F-160 Raiju combat aircraft at its Trade Price.



With this guide, you’ve successfully completed the GTA Online On Parade mission in San Andreas Mercenaries DLC. By following this detailed walkthrough, you’ve acquired valuable knowledge and insights that will undoubtedly help you conquer the skies of San Andreas. Take pride in your accomplishments and enjoy the rewards of your hard-earned victory. 

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