How to beat Zenless Zone Zero Corrupted, the Mutated Humans


The Zenless Zone Zero Corrupted are individuals transformed into monstrous beings by the Unknown Substance found in Hollows. 

Zenless Zone Zero is a visually striking game with a stylish art style. The game’s combat system is fast-paced and action-packed. Players can use a variety of weapons and abilities to take down their enemies. The game also features a roguelike element, with players having to start over from the beginning if they die. Zenless Zone Zero is a promising new game from miHoYo.

The game’s unique setting, stylish art style, and fast-paced combat make it well worth checking out. There are some strong enemies like the Zenless Zone Zero Corrupted. So who are they and how to beat them? That is what our guide will tell you. If you like Genshin Impact then you will definitely like this game too.


Who are Zenless Zone Zero Corrupted?

In Zenless Zone Zero, the Corrupted are people who have been turned into monsters by the Unknown Substance, a dangerous and unknown substance that can be found in Hollows. This chemical changes the mind and body of those who are exposed to it, turning them violent and hostile. The Zenless Zone Zero Corrupted are a diverse group of animals that look and act in different ways. Some are huge monsters with sharp claws and bright eyes, while others look more like people but are twisted and gross. All of them are driven by a strong desire for Ether, a rare source of energy that can only be found in Hollows.

Anytime the Zenless Zone Zero Corrupted see a person, they will attack right away. Their attacks are fierce and unpredictable, which makes them tough opponents for the Operatives, who are special warriors who go into Hollows to find lost souls. The damaged are still thought of as humans, even though they look like monsters. They are just deeply damaged humans. They are sad because they are victims of the Unknown Substance and how it changes people.

The Corrupted play a major role in the story of Zenless Zone Zero, and they are a constant threat to the Operatives and the people of New Eridu. They are also a reminder of the dangers of the Unknown Substance and the fragility of the human condition.

How to beat Zenless Zone Zero Corrupted?

To beat the Zenless Zone Zero Corrupted, you need to plan ahead and use your character’s skills correctly. Here are some tips to help you beat these tough enemies:

Learn their Weaknesses

There are good and bad things about each type of Corrupted. Figuring out these weak spots is important for making a good fight plan. For instance, some Corrupted are weaker against ranged attacks than others, while others are weaker against close fighting.

Use Proper Positioning

Positioning plays a significant role in maximizing your damage output while minimizing damage taken. Stay mobile and avoid getting trapped in the Corrupted’s attack range. When attacking, aim for their weak points to deal significant damage.

Manage Ether Effectively

Ether is a useful item in Zenless Zone Zero that can be used to activate strong skills and powers. Save your Ether in the beginning of the game to make sure you have enough to use devastating moves when it matters most.

Master Your Character’s Abilities

Each character in Zenless Zone Zero possesses unique skills and abilities that can be used to counter specific types of Zenless Zone Zero Corrupted. Familiarize yourself with your character’s skillset and strategically use their abilities to gain an advantage.

Become Proficient in Dodge Rolling

Dodge rolling is essential for evading the Corrupted’s attacks and minimizing damage. Time your dodges perfectly to avoid being hit and keep yourself in the fight.

Use Tactical Gear and Plug-ins

Plug-ins and tactical gear give you extra buffs and debuffs that can have a big effect on the battle. Plan how you’ll use them to help your character do better and get an edge over the Corrupted.

Work Together with Your Teammates

Zenless Zone Zero is a multiplayer game, and teamwork is crucial for success. Communicate with your teammates, coordinate attacks, and support each other to take down the Corrupted efficiently.

Teamwork is very important
Teamwork is very important

Upgrade Your Equipment Regularly

Upgrading your weapons, Neural Gears, and Plug-ins will increase their effectiveness and overall damage output. Make sure to prioritize upgrading your gear as you progress through the game.

Level Up Your Character

As you defeat enemies and complete missions, you earn EXP that can be used to level up your character. Each level up grants you stat increases, making you a more formidable opponent.

Analyze Enemy Behavior

Watch how the Zenless Zone Zero Corrupted moves and attacks to figure out what they will do next. That way, you won’t be caught off guard when you attack.


How does Corrupted behave in Zenless Zone Zero?

Corrupted, once human, are now driven by an intense need for Ether. Their attacks are fierce and unpredictable, posing a constant threat to Operatives and the residents of New Eridu. They serve as a poignant reminder of the perils associated with the Unknown Substance and the vulnerability of the human condition.

What role do Corrupted play in the game’s story?

Corrupted play a significant role in Zenless Zone Zero’s narrative, acting as a constant menace to Operatives and the inhabitants of New Eridu. They embody the dangers of the Unknown Substance and underscore the fragility of humanity.

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