How to Beat the Warden in Minecraft – Guide


Are you facing difficulties taking down Warden? Do not worry, our guide will tell you how to beat Minecraft Warden easily.

With the 1.19 update, the Warden became the most popular mob in Minecraft. It is the most powerful mob in Minecraft and has the highest health total. Warden, the lone resident of Minecraft’s deep dark biome, is a shadowy figure that has lost souls residing within its chests. The warden is highly aggressive and attacks anyone he sees as trespassers.

This new boss is very difficult to beat and that is why we are here with a guide that will tell you how to beat Minecraft Warden. Continue reading below to know all the tips and tricks if you want to beat Warden. 

Warden in the dark
Warden in the dark

How to beat Minecraft Warden

In Minecraft, the Warden is the toughest and strongest enemy. To begin with, the Warden has 84 health points and 42 hearts compared to the player’s mere 10 hearts (or 20 points of health). While the ravager has 100 points of health, the Warden has 31 points of damage per single blow compared to the ravager’s 18 points of damage. 

So, the Warden not only has a considerable tank, but it is the second-toughest enemy in the game. If a player does not have any armor on, they will be killed by that damage within a single hit, but if a player has Netherite armor on they will still be killed within two hits.


While the chances of defeating a Warden are slim, the player is still capable of defeating them. It is also possible to set up a trap using TNT or the exploding end crystals to kill the Warden if you manage to divert his attention. However, you must be very careful when doing this. To be able to kill this mob, it will take at least eight to nine end crystals (or about twelve to fourteen TNTs).

Sculkshriekers can be summoned either through the use of console commands or by disturbing them in the deep dark biome. Players can also use the spawn egg to create them in Creative Mode.

Things to keep in mind

When it falls back into a hole, its combat skill is drastically reduced. Additionally, azalea bushes can be placed around the mob. If it is completely surrounded, the Warden is unable to jump over the bushes and reach the player. Keep in mind that the sonic boom attack will not stop.

In order to take down the Warden, Minecrafters will need to bring a shield as a minimum. The Warden is capable of destroying shields for a short time, but this gear piece can still protect players against the mob’s powerful attacks.

If there are players who are going for ranged combat, then they should bring along a large stock of arrows. Bows work well, though an enchanted crossbow may be even more beneficial. Perhaps most importantly, players will need to remain mobile, since the Warden can fire sonic booms. These attacks track and can pass through solid objects.


Although the challenge of the Warden is certainly worth the build-up, players have been dissatisfied by its rewards. Killing it earns three experience points, no unique drops, and no achievement for players to boast of.


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