How to beat the Fire Giant in Elden Ring


Prepare for an intense encounter with the Fire Giant in Elden Ring – our guide will provide you with the tactics and techniques to overcome this formidable boss.

Fire Giant in Elden Ring
Fire Giant in Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Fire Giant boss fight is a tough battle against a powerful flammable monster. Elden Ring is famous for its boss battles and this is one of the toughest bosses you will come across in the game

After having spent hours in the lands between you are closer to the end of the game Elden Ring. However, it’s not the end given that you still have to fight the fire Boss who can burn the Edtree in the mountaintops of the Giants.

The fire boss is a red-headed monster who can pose to be a major threat and work you up when you try to defeat it.

By the time you reach this stage of the game, you will have access to pretty much all the areas in Elden ring. You might as well have strong weapons on your docket that you can use in this battle. Some of the strong weapons that can come to your use are the Flame Drake, Talisman +2, and the Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +1. You can find the latter behind us stone word key Gate in the Sainted Hero’s grave in the Altus Plateau. Fire Giant could be a difficult boss but increasing your fire and physical differences with these weapons can give you an edge in the battle.

How to defeat Fire Giant in Elden Ring

The fire giant has three phases of attack. Here is how you can take him down.

Phase 1

Phase 1 of Fire Giant fight
Phase 1 of Fire Giant fight

The first phase of the fight begins when you cross into fire Giants. In this face attack include slamming his feet or shield down in your general direction. You can easily dodge it once you get a hang of it. Given the size of the arena, you will have to someone torrent and ride into battle. However, don’t spend the whole fight on horseback as it makes fire Giants attacks a be difficult to dodge.

Now make use of Torrent to close the gap between you and the boss or when he rules away from you.

Fire giant always makes its opening with the same attack dragging his Shield along the ground to produce a wave of the bridge toward you. If you are on the torrent you can mount this and wait till the attack reaches you. It acts like a dodge since you are invulnerable while dismounting it. If you are on the ground you can dodge it through it.

If this attack is one shorting you you should consider leveling off our respeccing to increase your health. And if you want you can use effects like rot or poison you can get these consumables or spell when you have an opening.

The final strategy in Phase 1 of the fight is that you have to head straight for Fire Giant’s left leg. Now this will give an injury to the Boss on his limb the boss is already injured in the leg so you can use it to your advantage to hit it.

This could pose a challenge for many players as locking on to fire Giant’s left foot makes it difficult to see what he is doing and makes it hard to dodge his attacks. For this very reason, it would be counterintuitive so you should avoid locking on for most of this fight. His foot is the major target so you shouldn’t need to use target lock to hit it. Move around and use your camera to focus your view upward at the boss to see when he is going to let loose on you.

Now the fire giant would be frustrated so he will use long wind up which is also easy to dodge. This marks the end of the first phase of your fight with the Fire Giant.

Phase 1.5

Phase 1.5 of Fire Giant Boss
Phase 1.5 of Fire Giant Boss

There is a slight change here as the fire giant and he will give more damage to you in this fight compared to the other one. These attacks include hitting the left foot enough times to Stagger him. Female Crouch and clutch his uncle so you can use this opportunity to give some damage to him. He will then roll away and reach into his stomach mouth tonight his hand on fire and release a flame of the fell god Fire Ball at you. Flame of the Fell God fireball ball will explode when it comes close to you so try to avoid the Fire Ball near and then Dodge away or someone torrent and get past it.

The Fire giant will also shoot fast-moving fireballs at you now that you will have to torch and Summon fiery sunspots all over the ground. This will cause damage and explode after several seconds. Don’t stand directly on top of one of these it could cause you also damage so it’s safe to continue attacking the boss’s foot.

Phase 2

Phase 2 of Fire Giant fight
Phase 2 of Fire Giant fight

Now the fire giant stands with a 50% health rate. He is now agitated with his injured leg and might want to get rid offset so he might get rid of it by chopping it off. This will give him a few new attacks it’s not as powerful as the attacks in his previous phrases of fight.

You will find that the fire giant now summons Flame of the Fell God fireballs at once like the previous one. In this phase of the fight, your major strategy would be avoiding them like the other ones.

Now the Boss also steps back and throws flaming rocks from his torso like an Angry volcano. However, there is nothing you can do about this type of attack except to create sound distance between you and him. You can use this opportunity to heal, Re-apply buff comma cast spells, or even different some consumables his way.

In this phase, you just have to stick under and behind him and keep attacking his legs and feet.

Your hands would weak by this point of the battle but you will have to deal with a lot of damage from the fire Boss. It would be much safer if you try to get in front of him and then attack it and use the slow and steady method.

He will also throw some fast-moving fireballs at you from his hands or spray n in a Torrent in front of him. These attacks are less common if you manage to stick close to his backside. You can also stagger him but get around it to follow his weak point. It takes more time than it’s worth.

To Summon Others Not to Summon

elden ring how to beat the fire giant rocks
To Summon Others Not to Summon

When you are fighting large Bosses who let you ride Torrent in the game you will post with the question of whether he would rather have a co-op help or the ability to write your horse during the fire giant fight.

Torrent can be used for bridging the gap between you and the boss but you cannot completely rely on him as fire Giants attack are more difficult to attack while on horseback. On the other hand, getting help either from your other players or Warrior Jar Alexander who can summon signs can be found inside the boss fog. This adds to the boss’s health bar making your opponent even more difficult to bring it down.

you can use a spirit As for this site to provide your help and give damage to the boss without having to Vari about affecting its health bar. You can use any spirit you are comfortable with at this stage of the game.

These are all the strategies that you can use to bring down the Fire Giant in the Elden Ring. That’s everything to do to bring down the fire Boss. However, you can use your own strategy as well to bring down this boss but be aware of The Attacks it is capable of using at you.

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