Shadow Okumura is the fifth palace boss you will face in Persona 5 Royal. Check our guide and tips to defeat Okumura in the game.

Persona 5 Royal is an iconic roleplaying game that’s won several awards and acclaim. Even after 6 years of its launch, Persona 5 is the favorite action RPG for many fans and gamers over the world. Persona 5 Royal from the developers P-Studio and Atlus is an extended version of the same game that follows the story of Joker, a juvenile and high school student in modern-day Tokyo. The turn-based combat and battles, metaverse dungeon, and personas are some of the best features of Persona 5 Royal. The characters of Persona 5 Royal can unleash different moves and powers, Ambush is one of the most used special attacks. There are many moves and spells that will help you to defeat enemies in Persona 5 Royal edition of the game. You will unlock different moves after every progress.

The heroes will also be able to use the melee and ranged weapons for the challenges and battles in Persona 5 Royal. You will travel across various Dungeons and Palaces to explore different challenges and battles. Shadow Okumura is one of the major bosses of Persona 5 Royal who you will need to encounter in a mission. Kunikazu Okamura is the boss of the fifth dungeon/palace. And you need to defeat Okamura to level up and unkoc new challenges and rewards. To those who are struggling to defeat the boss, Here’s the best guide and strategy to defeat Shadow Okumura in Persona 5 Royal.

Shadow Okumura Boss Fight Guide

The boss fight against Okumura can be played at both normal and harder levels. Shadow Okumura unleashes his robot minions initially. You can use fire spells to defeat the first set of minions. The rest can be defeated with wind, ice, nuke, and electricity. Here are the best teams and strategies to defeat the Shadow Okamura boss without struggling much.

Best Team

Joker along with Morgana, Ryuji, Haru, and Futaba can be your best team build. Morgana and Haru boast wind and psi attacks, and use them to clear the first wave of robots. You med ice and nuke spells to counter against the second wave of minions who are susceptible to psychic and wind. You also need to manage your players’ health, as it’s only limited in the first phase. The third wave of minions is weaker to ice and electric. Utilize Magarula and Thunder Reign to deal with these enemies.

Phase 1

Shadow Okumura just keeps sending his robots during the entire battle. There will be a total of 10 waves, and you need to clear all the enemies to complete the boss fight against Okamura. The first batch of minions will be vulnerable against fire and psi. You need the best team combinations along with spells and personas to defeat the boss without any struggle. You will be up against its robots and other enemies in different stages of this boss fight.

Next after the first set of enemies, you will be up against the lanky blue Enemies. Now you can use Haru with its Mapsio to deal psychic damage. Magaru is another best spell to cast against the blue minions. Clear out these enemies to avoid damage, also make sure to maintain your health points.

Shadow Okumura persona 5 Royal
Okumura Boss Fight

You need to utilize the baton pass often to avoid getting damaged. Morgana can be your next troop with Garu, Dia, and Magaru as his spells. Morgana can unleash wind and healing spells at a time, this will clear out the blue minions in a single shot. The healing spells will negate minions’ powers and attacks for a while and you can exploit this situation to continue your attacks. You can mix up between these spells and skills to stop the boss’ progression and kill its minions.

Matarukaja, Freila, and Freidyne are other best spells to cast. Also use a curse spell or damage to clear the final wave of minions, Muda and Eiga are the best curse effects to go against the robots of Shadow Okumura. After a long time, the fight shifts towards the final phase and you need to be at your best with same strategy to kill Okamura boss.

Phase 2

Now the challenge moves to phase 2 and this will be even more challenging. The last stage of the battle will be against Okumura’s minions which are Gulberg against wind and psi. Joker and Morgana can be your party members to clear out these minions. Mapsio, Psycho Force, and Mapsio will do the job in the last phase against Shadow Okumura’s minions. Use all these to kill the entire minions and avoid getting damaged in final phase else you need to begin from phase 1 once again.

In final phase, you can continue attacking with your spells and debuffs. Once all the minions are killed, you need to reduce Okumura’s HP and battle against him to complete the challenge easily. Okumura is down with HP and doesn’t have any skills, so you just need to cast a spell and land the final punch. That’s how the boss battle against Shadow Okumura Can be completed. The fifth palace challenge against Shadow Okumura is done and you can complete the remaining quests in Persona 5 Royal. Get new rewards and level up faster. These are the best tips to tussle against the Shadow Okamura boss.

With this, our Shadow Okumura boss Persona 5 Royal guide is done. Defeat Okumura boss by following the simple tips and tricks from our guide. We will come back with more Persona 5 Royal guides and updates soon.

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