How to Beat Giganto In Sonic Frontiers



Check our guide and walkthrough to defeat the Titan boss Giganto in Sonic Frontiers. It can be challenging to beat him but we have some helpful tips and tricks.

Sonic Frontiers, the latest action-adventure game has become more popular among gamers and critics. Everyone’s raving about the game’s action and realistic battles along with the incredible graphics and soundtrack. Sonic Frontiers takes place on Starfall Island. You don the role of Sonic, and your major objective is to gather Chaos Emeralds from the various regions which include Forests, Ruins, Deserts, and more places. There are many quests and boss fights that you need to complete to keep leveling in Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers has used all the gameplay and mechanisms from its predecessor, Sonic the Hedgehog. And the game has many battles against various bosses. There are 4 Titan class bosses in Sonic Frontiers, the first Titan boss is Giganto from Starfall Island. You need to encounter and tussle against this mighty robot boss in a mission. Giganto is gigantic in every aspect. Here’s our Sonic Frontiers Giganto boss fight guide and strategy to defeat the mighty and valiant boss in the game.

Giganto Boss Fight Walkthrough & Tips

The first battle against Giganto takes place at Kronos Island, a land of ancient ruins and an open zone on Starfall Island. You will begin the battle against Giganto’s basic form. Remember that you need to become Super Sonic to get this battle started. Run forward to hit his legs, jump and climb up, and land on the boss’ head to pick the Chaos Emerald, then there is a cut scene that will transform Sonic into Super Sonic. Then phase one begins.

Phase 1

The boss starts the attack straight away with a spin move. Dodge them quickly and avoid damage from the blue rings. Homing Attack is the best move to counter Giganto. Again Giganto unleashes several red rings and you have ton block or avoid these moves. You can unleash projectiles or fire to decrease the boss’ HP.

When you are in the air, try to deal damage to the boss’ head by landing on him. This can be done easily whenever Giganto unleashes his blue rings. You can parry his other moves, and use your best weapons and moves to deal more damage. You need to deal more damage to decrease Giganto’s HP bar. Use spin moves to stun the boss, and take advantage of the situation. Use the Wild Rush skill to negate his moves. Hit him until his health drains to 50%, then a cutscene will take you to the second phase.

Phase 2

Giganto Sonic Frontiers
Giganto Boss

Phase 2 against Giganto will be tricky as you need to be ready for his red laser fire projectiles. You can parry them or just simply move away. Giganto then starts his spin moves and lunges forward to attack you. You need to use the Homing attack to keep dealing more damage. Avoid the red rings, and jump on his head to reduce his health quickly. And his other special move is a laser beam where the robot opens his mouth to lets out a laser beam. You can just quickly parry them and save yourself. Giganto again lunges at you with his two-handed power attacks which you can keep parrying by tapping the right button at the perfect time.

Button Controls are quite complicated in Sonic Frontiers, make sure you have practiced enough to parry, dodge or block your foes’ moves and attacks. In the last phase, Giganto attacks you with blue or red rings, and spin moves. You don’t need to deviate from your strategy and just keep dealing more damage while using the Homing attacks consistently to negate his moves. You can also unleash projectiles or flames to drain his health faster. Keep dealing more damage, and the fight is just about to end as the boss will be losing his HP gradually.

Giganto Sonic Frontiers
Super Sonic

Swipe and two-handed attacks are his last options which can be avoided by using spin attacks. Once Giganto’s health is zero, he collapses, and the battle ends against the mighty boss from Sonic Frontiers. After defeating Gigantic, collect your rewards and complete the other challenges in Sonic Frontiers. That’s how you can defeat Giganto, the giant boss I’m Sonic Frontiers.

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