How to Beat Dozmare the Griffin in Final Fantasy 16



Our Final Fantasy 16 guide includes the best tips, tricks, and strategies to defeat Dozmare the Griffin Beast boss.

Final Fantasy 16 has so many challenges and quests. Here, you can also find a Hunt Board that lists various Notorious Marks. The Hunt Board bosses are located in various spots. Clive has to defeat them in various locations to earn some bounty and also upgrade his levels as well. Hunt Board bosses are at different levels and each boss is given a Rank as well. You have to defeat them to progress in the main story chapters of Final Fantasy XVI.

Dozmare or The Griffin, the Beast is a top-tier HuntBoard boss. This Hunt Board bounty can be accessed after interacting with August at the Hideaway location. You have to meet Blackthorne, the Blacksmith and unlock the Blacksmith Blues questline as well. The best skills in FF16 will help you defeat him easily. Here’s all about the Final Fantasy 16 Griffin boss fight guide and tips in our latest guide. 

Tips to Beat Final Fantasy 16 Dozmare the Griffin

Complete the objectives before unlocking this challenge. Make your way to the Caer Norvent and then you can easily track the location. Travel to the Lostwing Obelisk and get to the Norvent Valley. Finally, you can reach the location using the Hunt Board itself. This boss from the Holy Empire of Sanbreque World Map is dangerous in all ways.  Here are the best tips and tricks to defeat Dozmare easily.

Final fantasy 16 Dozmare the Griffin
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Phase 1

Reach the Caer Norvent West Gate to find the boss. This B Ranked level 28 Griffin is a beast that inflicts wind damage. It will start with the usual and primary AoE attacks. You can dodge all its basic attacks. You can counterattack using any fire spells or use fire damage skills.  The best options are Raging Fists, Rook’s Gambit, Gouge, and Aerial Blast. Berserker Ring can be equipped for extra attacks. All fire attacks make the Griffin boss vulnerable and you can exploit its weakness in this way.

Dodge its powerful attacks and then use your spells to counter and stun the Dozmare boss. The boss will also unleash wind magic spells from the top. You have to move either side to avoid those fiery wind attacks. Stun the boss with fire skills and inflict damage until its hp goes to 50. Then the battle moves to the final phase and you can complete it quickly with the right strategies again.

Phase 2

Tips on how to beat Dozmare in Final Fantasy 16 1

Griffin turns aggressive for the final phase. He also uses Noble Dive, a raging attack that can kill your Eikons. Stay behind its reach and counter using any long-range weapons. Stun the boss by lunging forward and unleash a fiery attack to drain its hp.

Every time Dozmare is stunned, you can inflict x2 damage. Use your weapons and fuse them with skills as well. Continue attacking and the boss will collapse down on the ground once it runs out of energy.

That’s how you can defeat Dozmare in Final Fantasy 16. The boss also drops plenty of rewards,

Rewards – Gil, XP, Ability Points, Renown, Meteorite, Scarletite.

That’s everything you need to know about defeating Dozmare, the Griffin Beast in Final Fantasy 16. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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