How to activate Hunter Arm in Wild Hearts


Wondering how to activate Hunter’s Arm in Wild Hearts? We got you covered with this guide to help you activate it.

Hunters in wild hearts have many tools that they can use to hunt Kemono. This includes their skills, weapons, Karakuri, and more. One tool is often ignored as help in hunting Kemono which is the Hunter Arm. Thus to explain to you how useful this weapon is here we have put together a guide for you on how to unlock Hunter Arn in Wild Hearts.

Hunter Arm Wild Hearts
Wild Hearts

The Hunter Arm is a tool in Wild Hearts that is used to hunt Kemono. If you are eyeing to use this item, you have to grab a monster which can be done by jumping and pressing R1 to get a monster. After getting on a monster go to one of the exposed glowing spots in Wild Hearts that will be given on the map. Press and hold R2 to help your Hunter consume energy from the Kemoo by using the Hunter Arm.

The Hunter Arm is extremely useful throughout the game. When you use it against Kemono you will consume its power, stun them, and drop Kemono. Thus this tool can be very useful as you hunt and progress in the game. Having a Hunter Arm could turn the tables around for you in the Battle.

How to unlock Hunter Arm

Hunter Arm Wild Hearts
Hunter Arm in Wild Hearts

In the Wild Hearts tutorial at the start of the game, you are shown an odd object on the hunter’s arm. Afterward, with this tool, platforms are built, allowing you to climb to higher places and advance the storyline. Nevertheless, trying to construct Karakuri by simply being in the town will have no impact and will not advance the task.

You must climb the beast and use the Hunters Arm attack in order to complete the Guild of Fisherman job known as the Hunter’s Powerful Arm. Two different approaches are combined in this case. To mount the beast, you must first leap toward it. Run up to the beast, jump, and keep R1/RB gripped. The beast will mount as a result. After that, you can move and make an effort to hold on.

Luckily, this hidden gem in Wild Hearts is very easy to unlock. This weapon naturally occurs after you build your camp and complete the tutorial. You Hage to keep in mind there is no in-game tutorial for this tool, so you will have to explore the game yourself to master it. We suggest you keep practicing using this weapon against Kemono even after you defeat it. This would help you polish your skills while you use them in actual tasks.

That’s all you need to know about Hunter Arm in Wild Hearts. Make sure that you keep practicing it before you use it finally.

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