How tall is NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo?


Giannis Antetokounmpo

Although it’s not the most crucial factor in the NBA, height does matter a lot. Every top athlete is taller than a certain height, and many superstars are 6’10 or taller. Giannis Antetokounmpo, however, demonstrates that what you can do with that height is more important.

How tall is Giannis Antetokounmpo?

His real height is 6’11 (211 cm)

The Importance of Height

In the NBA, there are many skills that trainers and teams can impart, but height is not one of them. Physical perfection is an intangible that only a select few players can attain. Being nearer to the rim is important, but smaller players can still be excellent.

An athlete has more options on offence and defence the longer they are. They are better able to cut through defenders, contest all types of shots, compete for close and distant rebounds, and are excellent screens or natural picks.

However, that size does have a drawback. Taller players are typically slower than smaller ones. They lack the ability to dribble like guards, manoeuvre like wings, and jump like small forwards. That is why Giannis is so unique.

Big, Fast, Powerful

Giannis’ stats are all impressive. He has a wingspan of 7’3″, a weight of 240 pounds, and a height of 6’11. That means he’s not only one of the league’s tallest players, but also one of its longest and heaviest. He has a lot of reach, power, and size.

That package is formidable, but it is not always a boon. The NBA today places a premium on smaller players who can shoot from outside and stretch the floor. Many talented big men simply cannot keep up with the fast pace and are left in the dust. Giannis, not so much.

The Bucks centre is an extremely rare breed in that he has a lot of height and weight but is able to move much faster and do a lot more with the ball than other people his size. He has the power, but he isn’t afraid to show it.

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A Lethal combination

Giannis’ stature is impressive. Only 33 players in the league are 6’11 or taller, with even fewer being 7 feet or taller. That places him on the short list. The list gets even shorter from there because of how well he moves his body in comparison to other players.

Giannis not only stands tall, but he can also jump 38 inches. His vertical leap dwarfs that of nearly every power forward and centre in the NBA. He’s also remarkably coordinated and fast for his size.

He’s also quick. Though it’s unclear how fast he can run or what his average speed is, the NBA estimated his top speed in the 2021 Finals to be 15.6 miles per hour. That’s incredibly fast, especially for someone with such a large frame to move.